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It depends on the area where you plan on working once you finish your internship. Find out what foreign communities are the most prominant in that area. When in doubt spanish is probably a good bet as lots of the immigrant population speaks that. Also with a good understanding of spanish you can understand basics in the other romance languages.

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Why should you become a pediatrician?

== ==

What should your major be if you want to become a pediatrician?


What classes should you take if you want to become a pediatrician?

Medical school.

What does your GPA have to be to become a pediatrician?

Your grade point average should be fairly high to become a pediatrician. Some schools will require you to have over a 3.5 grade point average.

What classes in high school should you take to become a pediatrician?

Science and Chemist

Do you have to speak a certain language to be a pediatrician?

To be a pediatrician in China, you would have to speak Mandarin Chinese. The local dialect of where you plan to practice medicine would also be helpful.

How The life of the English language abroad?

English is the official language language of a number of foreign countries. It is the official language of government in others. It is the de facto language of the European Common Market. It or a reasonable facsimile thereof has become the international language of business. As it has spread, it has picked up foreign idioms. This international usage should change it. British writers have noticed that in common usage many irregular forms of the past tense have begun ending with an e d. That should continue. As the irregular forms disappear, the use of English should continue to expand. English will become an easier language to learn.

What to do with clogged nose for a one month old baby?

You should call the child's pediatrician for advice.You should call the child's pediatrician for advice.You should call the child's pediatrician for advice.You should call the child's pediatrician for advice.

Should people with learning disabilities be a pediatrician?

Any answer to a question of this sort will depend on the circumstances. You would need to know what the disability is. For instance, its very reasonable to believe someone with dyslexia could be a very good pediatrician. If they already are a pediatrician, the fact that they were able to even become a pediatrician should be proof in itself of their capabilities.

What should you major in if you want to become a pediatrician?

You should study in Biology. Or ask the person that asks you when you get to college what should pediatricians study in.

Is a foreign language necessary to enter college?

no a foreign language is not necessary to enter college, but if you do have a foreign language it will only benefit you. and if you do not take a foreign language in high school you should take it in college. Remember you don't need to take a language but it only benefits you. if you have a language colleges will be more apt to take you rather than someone who doesn't have a language

Should students be required to learn a foreign language to graduate from high school?

Yes students should be required to learn a foreign language in order to graduate high school

What are the state requirements to become a pediatrician in Arizona?

requirements should be posted with the state medical board

What high-school courses should you take to become a pediatrician?

english, science, math

Where should you study to become a pediatrician?

College !!!! go to a university or somewhere like uc davis.

Do you need a foreign language to get into law school?

Generally law schools do not specifically require a foreign language. If you can get an undergraduate degree without taking a foreign language, there should not be any problem. However, if the way you avoid a foreign language is by going to a low-quality school, that could affect getting into law school.

Should American business students be required to study a foreign language?

Normally, u need graduate high school in order to become a "business student." And one of the requirements of graduating high school is that you have to take at least 2 years of foreign language. So, yes.

Should all students learn a foreign language?

no yes because you never know you might go someweres with a differ language or run into someone who is foreign.

Which foreign language should you take in High School?

spanish. it is the second most common language in the u.s.

Should English become International language?

English is an international language.

What kinds of schools should you attend to become a pediatrician?

If you are asking about colleges and universities, then you should attend one that offers pre-med as a major.

Should students be required to learn a foreign language?

Yes. There are no downsides to learning a foreign language, and many upsides. Knowledge of a foreign language can give students an advantage in the working world as well as teach them a new way of thinking. And, at the very least, they'd have an advantage if they traveled to a foreign country.

What type of college classes do you need to take to become a pediatrician?

sorry, this might not help.. but, if you have a school in mind you should call them and they will have a plan for you and you can look that over. Often times, schools even have them on their webpage. Good Luck!! I hope you become a pediatrician soon!!

How many foreign languages do you need for preparation of college?

Most colleges require 2 years of one foreign language in high school or 1 year of one foreign language in college, but you should check with your college about their particular requirements. In preparation for college, you should study at least one language for as long as possible.

What are the abilities or interests you should have to be a pediatrician?

what are some of the abilities or intrest yo ushould have to become a pediatrition??what are some of the abilities or intrest yo ushould have to become a pediatrition??