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Giant Pandas

What forest do pandas live in?

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Bamboo forests. That's about the only thing they eat besides mashed up yams.

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Do pandas live in the Arctic desert rain forest or ocean?

they live in rain forest

Do pandas live in the forest?


What homes do pandas live in?

pandas live in trees or in caves in the bamboo Forest

Does a panda live in the rainforest?

No pandas do not live in the RAIN FOREST! They live in a Bamboo Forest!

Did pandas live in the jungle?

They call it a forest...

In what forest do giant pandas live?

they live in mixed forests

Do pandas live in the biome temperate deciduous forest?

no they do not.. they live in the boreal forest biome i believe

What are giant pandas habits?

pandas live all over china in forest ares

What animals live in the bambo forest of china?


In what kind of forest does a giant panda live?

Giant pandas live in bamboo forests of China.

Where do pandas live in brazil?

Pandas live in China, not Brazil. They live in the bamboo forest in the mountains of western China and can live for up to 20 years.

Where do most pandas live?

They live in the coniferous forest in Yangtze Basin, China

What type of biome do giant pandas live in?

bamboo forest.

Do giant pandas live in the forest?

No, mountain ranges in China

What kind of homes does a panda have?

Pandas live in the forest in trees

How do pandas suit in a tropical rain forest?

They live in a motel.

Do some pandas live in Alaska?

No. Pandas do not live anywhere in Alaska, and it is illegal to keep them as pets. Pandas mainly live in the mountainous bamboo-forest regions of China. Their habitats are protected by law.

Does china have a coniferous forest?

yes china does hove coniferous forest where giant pandas live

What are facts about broad-leaf and mixed forest?

its a forest and giant pandas could live there

Do pandas live in towns?

No . of course they don't.... they live in china..... in the forest where bamboo grow!

Do other animals live with pandas?

many other animals live in the tropical rain forest.

What animals live in the Asian forest?

pandas,tigers,snakes,elephants,red pandas,monkeys, birds,snow leopards

Why are pandas becoming extinct in China?

There are many ways that pandas get killed. People are cutting forest and they can't live with no home. They are also killing pandas for their fur. So that is why only a few pandas in China are left.

Where is the red pandas habitat?

they live in the forest of northern myanmar in the high trees they share a home whith the giant pandas they also live in central china

What animals live in the Rain Forest?

birds tigers pandas and many more