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What form of government does Australia have?


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July 21, 2013 6:13AM

Australia's government is a federal parliamentary democracy, with HM Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, meaning it is a constitutional monarchy. The head of government is given the title of Prime Minister. Each of the states also has its own government, which is led by the Premier. In the case of the Territories, the leader of the government is the Chief Minister.

In 1999, Australia voted against abolishing the monarchy in response to a referendum comprising loaded questions on methods of choosing a president.

Its Federal Government operates in a bi-cameral parliament with a Lower House whose members represent electoral districts within States and Territories, and an Upper House, the Senate, the members of which represent the States. This system draws on the British parliamentary system for the Lower House with the Senate containing many aspects of the American system, in contrast to the English House of Lords, the members of which are not elected but hold seats by entitlement of rank.