What form of lightsaber combat does Ahsoka Tano utilize?

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Ahsoka utilizes a part of Form 5. Form 5 is called "Djem So." Anakin is a master of Djem So. There is a part of Form 5 called "Shien" in which you hold the lightsaber with a reversed grip. So Ahsoka utilizes Shien
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How many forms of lightsaber combat are there?

Within the Star Wars universe, there are seven forms in the Old Jedi Order and three in the New Jedi Order. The Wookieepedia answer has a lot more information, as well as articles for each of the forms and is linked under related links below. As a note, there is also a "form zero" which, instead ( Full Answer )

How old is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano is 14 at the moment. UPDATE:Ahsoka was 14 in season one. She was fifteen in season 2 and she is fifteen is season three. In the upcoming season she will be 16

Who is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano is a teenaged Togruta Jedi Padawan. She is Anakin Skywalker's Padawan and she is strong-willed and feisty like Anakin. She appears in the TV show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." Anakin was reluctant to accept Ahsoka at first, but over time, in several episodes, their actions and quotes betw ( Full Answer )

How does Ahsoka Tano die?

Her fate has not been confirmed. At the end of The Clone Wars, sheleft the Jedi Order, but what happens to her after that and whetheror not she survived Order 66 is still to be revealed

How does Ahsoka Tano?

No one will answer your question since it is incomplete. Please post complete sentences on this website

When does Ahsoka Tano?

Your question is an incomplete sentence, so therefore no one will be able to answer it.

Do ahsoka tano love anakin?

I know that Anakin and Ahsoka have a very strong bond, but I doubt that they "love" each other.

What happens to Ahsoka Tano?

There are many different theories on what Ahsoka's fate is. But since her actual fate has not been confirmed as of yet, we'll have to wait until it is revealed to the public. However, it is likely that she dies. She is not part of the order in 3 and didn't leave, she isn't a knight, and she isn't a ( Full Answer )

What is the fate of Ahsoka Tano?

At the end of Season 5, she was falsely accused of a crime shedidn't commit. The Jedi Council didn't believe in her so theyexpelled her from the Order and turned her over to the custody ofthe Republic. But moments before the verdict against her was to beread, Anakin revealed who the true culprit was ( Full Answer )

Did ahsoka tano die in revenge of the sith?

No. At the end of Season 5, she left the Jedi Order after her namewas cleared when she was accused of crimes she didn't commit. TheJedi Order expelled her and turned her over to the Senate. But whenthey asked her to come back, she refused and left. So that hasrevealed that her leaving the Jedi has s ( Full Answer )

Is Ahsoka Tano in love?

No, Ahsoka Tano does not love anyone. Jedi are not supposed to love. But she does have an unbreakable bond with her master, Anakin Skywalker. Anakin and Ahsoka's bond is like that of an older brother/younger sister bond.

Will ahsoka tano fall to the dark side?

In Season 3 Episode 16, she was taken hostage by the livingembodiment of the Dark Side, or the Son of Mortis, in an attempt toget Anakin to joined him. Ahsoka really didn't fall to the DarkSide since she was possessed. But she was cleansed of this

How old is Ahsoka Tano now?

Ahsoka Tano was 14 years old at the beginning of The Clone Wars.How old she is when we see the "upgraded version" in the middle ofSeason 3 up until the end of the series (Season 5) is unknown, butmany fans think she's around 16-17

Is ahsoka tano lesbian?

That, as of yet, has not been made cannon either way. Though there was one episode where she seemed romantically interested in a young man named Lux Bonteri, so, while he did fall in love with someone else, my guess would be no. I feel I should add a side. Jedi at that point in time were greatly ( Full Answer )

What happened to ahsoka tano?

So far, she is still Anakin's apprentice. We will see what her fate is at the end of Season 3, which will begin in October 2010

How did ahsoka tano die?

Her fate has not been revealed yet. None of us know what really happens to her.

Who is ahsoka tano mother?

Ahsoka's parents died during the fight between clones and droids on her home planet of shillie that's when Master Plo Koon found her

Does ahsoka tano survive order 66?

Yes she does. In an image we can see Ahsoka dueling with Dar Vader. Whether she survives that duel I do not know. If you want to see the image follow this link and scroll down to the image named 'Now my enemy'. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Images_of_Ahsoka_Tano

Does ahsoka tano love captian rex?

No she doesn't. - Well, you cant say no. At the begining of Star Wars the Clone Wars, she does seem to like him as a friend, but no romantics have been confimed. I realy doubt it, but it is possible.

Does ahsoka tano die in the clone wars series 2?

I doubt she dies in the second season, but know one knows what will happen to her. As of July 21, 2010, the second season ended nearly 4 months ago and she is still alive. And she will be in Season 3, since the preview for that season focused on only her and about her having nightmare-like vision ( Full Answer )

Where did ahsoka tano come from and what happens to her in the end?

Ahsoka came from her species' homeland, which is Shili. Jedi Master Plo Koon was on a mission to Shili when he found Ahsoka and brought her to the Jedi Temple. Ahsoka was 3 years old when she was brought to Coruscant. As for her fate, that has not been confirmed just yet

Is Ahsoka Tano Shaak-ti why or why not?

NO. First of all Shaak Ti was a Jedi knight before Ahsoka even started her training. Second of all Jedi can't change their names or the color of their lightsaber and Shaak Ti has a blue lightsaber. Yeah, but what makes them look a like is that they are the exact same species, which is Togruta. Bu ( Full Answer )

Does rex love ahsoka tano?

No! thats a point of view because i have had many girlfriends that look at love in different ways, and one girl i went out with i had exactly the same relationship as them soo... im just saying it's down to whoever looks at it, i think rex likes ahsoka evry know and then i see ahsoka looking at ( Full Answer )

Where and when did ahsoka tano die?

At the end of Season 5, Ahsoka was accused of a crime she didn'tcommit and the Jedi expelled her and turned her over into custodyof the Republic since they didn't believe her, but the charges weredropped when Anakin revealed the true culprit. The Council thenasked Ahsoka to return, but she refused s ( Full Answer )

Does Captin Rex save Ahsoka Tano from order 66?

First of all, Ahsoka and Rex's fate are mysteries to be revealed. And if Ahsoka was around during Order 66 and Rex found her, she would be a traitor to him and every clone officer literally open-fired on their Jedi generals.

I ahsoka tano?

Ahsoka Tano is a female Togruta. She is Anakin Skywalker's young Padawan. She wants her master to think that she can handle a lighsaber and be a pilot starfighter with great skill to prove that she is not to young at the age of 14

Is it wrong to want to sleep with ahsoka tano from star wars?

yes - I wouldn't say so, its kind of a personal question. Every strait man wants to sleep with women. Its natural.- completely natural my younger brother who's 9 said he was going to grow up and marry ahsoka -i think most men would take the chance if it came their way

Why is ahsoka forming an attacthment to anakin?

Well I don't think it's a love attachment, but if you watch the episodes and pay enough close attention, you can tell that Anakin is attached to her as well. They are so much alike and they care about each other a lot. In one episode in the 2nd season, Ahsoka and another Jedi Padawan were presumed d ( Full Answer )

Why not make Ahsoka Tano evil?

Well, the creators of the TV show wanted to make her a good person. (And personally, I'm glad they did)

Who would win in a lightsaber deul ahsoka tano or barris offee?

ahsoka tano because ahsoka's master is anikan skywalker and anikans master is obi wan kenobi and when obi wan teaches something to anikan anikan teaches it to ahsoka and barris offee's master is luminara undeuli and obi wan is stronger then luminara. So ahsoka would win.

Is there any chance that ahsoka tano will turn to the dark side if so does she turn back?

I don't know. I saw a video on Star Wars The Clone Wars. One of the video pictures showed Asoka with a made face and yellow eye's,not to mention this dark blue stuff on her face,and called A NEW TIME.It doesn't show it till the end of the video.But it show's her like the video picture and Anakin scr ( Full Answer )

Would anakin protect ahsoka tano?

Yes he would because he cares for her very much and when her life was threatened in "Cargo of Doom" it was revealed how important she is to him.

How does ahsoka tano get her second lightsaber?

It is still unknown how much time has passed since "we last saw her" and then grew older and decided to wield a shoto, which is quite impressive since shotos are challenging

Why does ahsoka tano hold her lightsabers backwerds?

That is just her style. Every padawan has to find the best style oflightsaber fighting for themselves. Hope that helps. UPDATE: Ahsoka utilizes her lightsabers in Form 5, or Djem So,which focuses on a bit more "aggressive" methods, for according toThe Jedi Path book on page 72, it is the most physic ( Full Answer )

Is ahsoka tano an orphan?

Yes Ahsoka Tano is an orphan because some bounty hunters killed them in front of her.

How did Ahsoka Tano get her second lightsaber in Star Wars The Clone Wars?

When and how she got her second lightsaber- her shoto (which means short lightsaber) - hasn't been revealed. But it's uncommon to see a Jedi using a shoto along with an original lightsaber for shotos are only for Jedi who want challenges (which, obviously, Ahsoka loves)

Does Ahsoka Tano have kids?

No. Ahsoka Tano is only a teenager (she was 14 when she became Anakin's Padawan) and besides, Jedi are not allowed to love and, unlike Anakin, her childhood was at the Jedi Temple

How many lightsabers does Ahsoka have?

At the beginning of the Clone Wars, she had just one. But then inthe middle of Season 3 of The Clone Wars and ever since then, she'shad two

When does Ahsoka Tano get 2 lightsabers?

Ahsoka Tano gets two lightsabers in Season 3 of Star Wars: TheClone Wars . She also has a redesigned Togruta costume at thatpoint.