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What forms a volcano?

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hot material from below
when hot spots from underneath the earth's crust builds up pressure is pushed up and eventually lava flows through the cracks to form a volcano.

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What forms at the top of a volcano?

A large crater called a 'caldera' forms at the top of a volcano

What type of volcano forms where plates pull apart?

Rift Volcano forms when plates pull apart.

Hardened lava forms a kind of vent or volcano?


What is a volcano that forms in the middle of a tectonic plate?

A volcano that forms in the middle of a tectonic plate is a shield volcano. They form from hot spots that come from the earth's mantle.

When a volcano erupts quietly what kind of mountain forms?

a shield volcano

What forms when a larger volcano collapses in on it itself?

It forms a 'caldera'.

How are the slope of a volcano and the type of lava that forms the volcano related?

the philosophy of the lava supposodely forms from the specific material of the slope

Why is the texture of rhyolite different from the texture granite?

because rholite forms outside a volcano and granite forms inside the volcano

How does a volcano gets its shape?

Lava. When the lava comes out of the volcano, gravity pulls the lava down the cone of the volcano, and depending the the viscocity of the lava, it forms a 'cone' or 'shield' as it cools. Thinner lava forms a shield volcano; thicker lava forms a steeper cone shape.

What are the two forms of volcanoes?

FormsStratovolcanoCalderaShield VolcanoCinder Cone VolcanoMud VolcanoesLava Dome

What kind of volcano forms when magma is being forced up?

IT IS A Sheild volcano

What type of volcano forms basalt?

is it a composite, cinder cone, or shield volcano.

What forms lava underwater?

An underwater volcano forms lava underwater.

What forms when a volcano collapses in on itself?

calderacalderaIt forms a caldera.

What is the difference between a cinder cone volcano and a shield volcano?

The shield volcano is the largest and the broad volcano the cinder cone volcano is a small cone and forms tephra.

What type of volcano forms when mounds are formed by slow oozing lava?

shield volcano

What forms Mt Fuji?

Fujiyama is a volcano.

What crater forms when a volcano erupts?

A divergent

When the roof of a volcano collapses this forms?


What events occur as a volcano forms?


What forms at the top of a volcano when it collapses?


How a volcano erupts and forms a volcanic mountain?

It is not an answer

What forms after the top of a volcano collapses?

a caldera

Where can a volcano be?

A volcano can be located at the edge of any 2 plates. if one of the plates goes over the other one a volcano forms.

This type of volcano forms from lava eruptions and tephra deposits forming a towering volcano?