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sex slaves

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Q: What forms of slavery still exist in America today?
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Does the American anti slavery society still exist today?

No. Slavery was outlawed in the US in 1867 and the American Anti-Slavery Society was dissolved in 1870.

How did America change after slavery was abolished?

Of course it did! People were still pregidous against black people.

Does black American slavery exist today?

Slavery was abolished in America shortly after the Civil War, by constitutional amendment. Criminals (particularly pimps) are still sometimes able to enslave people, but this is highly illegal. People of African ancestry have exactly the same legal status in the US as people of European or any other ancestry. As Thomas Jefferson said, all men are created equal.

Does section 8 still exist?

section 8 still exist but during our hard time its not easy getting into

How did the political system fail to contain slavery as a political issue following the Mexican war?

A big factor was whether slavery was to exist in the newly formed western states and in the territory acquired in the American mexican war. The south of course wanted slavery to exist there and to have pro slavery senators and representatives in those new states to assure that any legislative means to abolish slavery would be blocked. However it became apparent that much of the newly formed states would not favor slavery. The south anticipated that they eventually would be the minority in congress. Moreover with Lincoln and the republicans in power it became evident that congress may soon abolish slavery. Also slavery was essential to the south's economy and cotton became a huge industry. Wealthy land owners would not allow the north to abolish slavery. Also there was still a romantic image of war and both sides believed the war would be over after a few battles. Apparently they were wrong.

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Did slavery still exist in the 1900s?

Yes. And it still exists today in 2013, in many forms. Labour slavery and sex slavery being the most common forms.

Did slavery still exist in 2004?

Slavery did exist in 2004 and still exists today.

Where in the us does slavery still exist?

Slavery is illegal in the United States under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. However, there have been cases of human trafficking and forced labor in the US, which are considered forms of modern-day slavery and are criminal offenses.

How can slavery exist in China?

Slavery is illegal in China and is not officially recognized by the government. However, there have been reports of forced labor, human trafficking, and other forms of exploitation in China. Authorities have taken steps to address these issues, but challenges persist in enforcing labor protections and combating modern forms of slavery.

Where does slavery exist in the world today?

In some parts of the world, slavery would still exist.

Does slavery still exist in the Caribbean?


Was slavery still going on in 1948?

Slavery in the United States was not still going on in 1948. In other parts of the world slavery did still exist in 1948.

How long did racism last in America?

Unfortunately there are still many forms of discrimination.

How many people still do slavery?

slavery still does exist but is nothing like the past it is a bit better. peanut

Does slavery still exist throughout the world?

Unfortunately, the inhumane and cruel act of slavery still exists throughout the world.

How did the Holocaust and slavery end?

the Holocaust ended through military intervention. Slavery officially ended around the turn of the nineteenth century through political means. (or sixty years later in the US) Though many forms of slavery still exist today.

Where does slavery exist?

slavery still exists in places like Africa Egypt and even the usa