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Litter forms from organic matter such as leaves and roots.

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Q: What forms organic Matter such as leaves and root?
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Determination of persentag of water organic matter inorganic matter in fruits vegetables leafy vegetables and root vegetabls?

The percentage of water in organic matter inorganic matter in fruits vegetables leafy vegetables and root vegetables is 25 percent.

What is the purpose of organic matter?

Movement of nutrients and retention of water are the purposes of organic matter. Organic matter makes soil amenable to proper aeration, drainage, infiltration and percolation, and supportive of plant root growth and intakes. It recycles carbon-based compounds into molecules and back.

How is ashwaganda taken?

Ashwaganda is available in many forms, including powders, decoctions, essential oil, tinctures, and teas made from the root, root bark, and the leaves.

Why is organic matter important for crop production?

Aeration, moisture and nutrients are reasons why organic matter is important for crop production. Carbon-based organic matter promotes formation of air and water pore spaces that help plant root expansions. It supports nutrient retention and water drainage, infiltration and percolation.

What is a root system in curry leaves?

taproot is the root system in curry leaves

Is root pry considered organic?

yes it can

What is the root word of organic?

Organon - "Instrument"

What connects to the root and leaf?

Hypocotyle in a seedling connects the root to the leaves

What type of leaves does tap roots have?

A tap root does not have leaves... it is underground.

Is celery a leaf stem or root?

No, celery has leaves but the celery is not a leaf. if the leaves are up and the root is down whats leftover

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What forms a base of a word?


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