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very little, there are stromatolites, domed mates of microscopic algae that are aged as precambrian. No other fossils in the precambrian

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Why do we have many fossil records from the Precambrian era?

There are many fossil records from the Precambrian era because there are so many stromatolites buried.

Why do you not have many fossil records from the Precambrian era?

Most life-forms were single-celled, with no hard parts to fossilize.

What time period is the fossil turritella found in?


What fossil records tell us that elephants have evolved?

There are absolutely no fossil records of any elephants evolving, actually, there are no fossil records of anyanimal evolving.

What do fossil records show as the first life on earth?

simple, single-celled organism

Any precambrian tine animals and plants that have turned into fossils?

Yes, although the fossil record for the precambrian period is scarce. See related link.

What is the most common precambrian fossil are layered mounds of calcium carbonate called?


What is the most significant difference between precambrian life forms and paleozoic life forms?

The Precambrian life forms were less developed than the Paleozoic life forms.

Why are the fossil records incomplete?

Sometimes when fossil records are not complete is because the fossil separate during the fossilization process or that particular bone is to soft to preserve

What era is when life begins?


What have scientist inferred from fossil stromatolites?

Stromatolites were much more abundant on the planet in Precambrian times which means that fossils found around stromatolites are typically from the Precambrian era.

What animals lived duringin the precambrian era?

Life had only just started during the precambrian. Most life during the precambrian consisted of nonanimalian protists and bacteria. Maybe by the very very end of the precambrian there were the first jellyfish and worms. The precambrian started 4.6 billion years ago. Life started and consisted of bacteria 3.8 billion years ago. The precambrian ended about 590 million years ago.

What was first animal born in water?

The first animal life on Earth was in the ocean in the Precambrian time. The exact nature of the first animals is not known as the fossil record from that time is incomplete.

Do you have written records from the Precambrian era?

No. The Precambrian era pre-dates the origin of complex life on earth.Humans (modern Homo sapiens) appeared around 200,000 years ago which is approximately 500 million years after the Precambrian ended. Also humans didn't develop "writing" until several thousand years ago (approx 6600 years BC).As such there can be no written record of the Precambrian.For more information about the Precambrian, please see the related link.

What fossil records tell about seedless plant that lived on earth long ago?

Fossil records tell that they were exotic and vascular.

Why do Precambrian rocks contain few fossils?

Most precambrian life was soft bodied and did not fossilize well.

Differentiate preCambrian era and paleozoic era?

The Precambrian is a longer span of geologic time leading up the the Paleozoic era. During the Cambrian period of the Paleozoic era, there was an explosion in the evolution of life forms. In the Precambrian, life was restricted to the sea. In the Paleozoic, life began on land.

A life-form in the Precambrian time was?


What kind of life existed during the precambrian?


There was no life on land during this era?

Precambrian Era

Do all organisms have complete fossil records?


The biggest problem with using fossil records is the incomplete nature of the fossil record?


Are fossils records complete or incomplete?

Fossil records are not complete. By some estimates, less than 1% of organisms that have lived appear in the fossil record.

Why are fossils rarely found in Precambrian rock layers?

Fossils are rare in Precambrian rocks, probably because Precambrian life-forms lacked bones, shells, or other hard parts that commonly form fossils. Also, Precambrian rocks are extremely old.

Why it is hard to find fossil records in layers of rock.?

because it hiding in the records of the rock