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blueberries! do you ever play zomberry island?

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Q: What fruit caused the zombie outbreak on poptropica?
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Where do you get the fruit to feed the cerbreus in mythology on poptropica?

there is no fruit to give the cerbreus!

How do you beat the selfish fruit master on poptropica?

get 20 fruit loops and become a master

How do you get the opuntia fruit on poptropica?

u dont hahahahaha

Where do you get pomegrantesin Poptropica?

go where the sphinx is and jump up to get the fruit

How do you get Hercules to come to the underworld on poptropica?

you have to go get fruit and give it to him

What is the cactus fruit for on poptropica?

Feed it to the tortoise in the Kaya Forests.

Where is the Fruit Loops arcade on Poptropica?

The Fruit Loops arcade was a fixture on Early Poptropica, which was moved to a different website by Kellogg's.

How do you move the tortoise in kaya forest poptropica?

You have to get the cactus fruit to lure him out.

What fruit do you give Hercules in poptropica to get him to move?

You give him the stuff that has stuff in it.

Where is the fruit loop stand on poptropica?

The fruit loops stand is on shark tooth island by the shark museum. But I don't know how to get it.

How do you switch the fruit in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory in Poptropica?

i don't know you tell me

How do you beat the selfish fruit master in poptropica?

go to the fountain with the bowl, dodge all the fruit loop selfish masters moves and collect fruit loops. use perseverance!