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Which 'p' a small fruit with a stone in the middle 4 letters?

The small fruit that starts with the letter P and is 4 letters long is a plum. They have a stone, or pit inside them.

What is an fruit that has an p for the first letter and r for the last letter?

The fruit is a pear.

What 7 letter fruit begins with P?

Pumpkin is the fruit you are looking for. It contains 7 letters and begins with the letter P.

What is a 4 letter fruit starting with P?

Pear is a 4 letter fruit. Plum is another 4 letter fruit.

Is there a Citrus fruit that starts with a p?

A citrus fruit that starts with the letter P is pink grapefruit.

Is there a fruit that has the letter L in it?

What fruit has the letter "L" in the middle of it? Watermelon, cantaloupe, apple.

What banana like fruit starts with p?

A banana like fruit that starts with the letter P is a plantain.

How do you get critical in fruit ninja?

Slice down the middle ;P

What fruit has a p as the forth letter?


What is a fruit from 9 letters?

Tangerine is a nine-letter fruit. # T # A # N # G # E # R # I # N # E Pineapple is also a nine-letter fruit. # P # I # N # E # A # P # P # L # E

What six letter tropical fruit starts with the letter p?


Fruit beginning with the letter 'p'?

plum, pineapple, pear, passinonfriut.

What is a 7 letter word for a fruit or a vegetable that begins with an 'p'?

· pumpkin

All fruits that end with P?

Soursop is a fruit. It ends with the letter P.

What 12 letter fruit starts with P?

Passion fruit is a 12 letter fruit that grows on a vine. It is native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

What are some middle schools that start with the letter p?

Palmer Middle school is located in Kennesaw, Georgia. It begins with the letter P.

A fruit vegetable that begins with the letter p?


What is a 5-letter word for a fruit where the 3rd letter is an p?


What is a 7-letter word for a fruit or a vegetable that begins with an 'p'?


What fruit from California starts with letter P?


What is a watery fruit beginning with the letter p?

a popegrate or pamegrant

What is a 5 letter fruit with the third letter p?

papya Or, more simply, apple!

8 letter fruit with the middle letters DA?


What Party fruit drink starts with p?

A party drink that starts with the letter P is punch.

What is a five letter word with the letter p in the middle?

It could be: 'super'

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