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Q: What functions in reflexes of vision and head movement in response to audio and visual and tactile stimuli?
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Are reflexes a rapid autonomic response to stimuli?


What is the movement of plant in response to stimuli in the environment?


The responses of plants to external stimuli are called?

The responses of plants to external stimuli is called Tropism.Here are some tropisms:* Chemotropism, movement or growth in response to chemicals * Geotropism (or gravitropism), movement or growth in response to gravity * Heliotropism, movement or growth in response to sunlight * Hydrotropism, movement or growth in response to water * Phototropism, movement or growth in response to lights or colors of light * Thermotropism, movement or growth in response to temperature.

Thigmotropism is a plant's response to?

Thigmotropism is a movement in which an organism moves or grows in response to touch or contact stimuli.

How do stimuli and response relate to homeostasis?

The human body has reflexes to regulate homeostatic elements such as heat, water. For example: wanting to be in shade if your hot.

What is the difference between a positive and negative response in biology?

A positive response is when a response happens to a stimuli, and this response causes more of the stimuli to happen. A negative response is when a response happens because of a stimuli, and the response stops the continuation of the stimuli.

An oriented movement in response to light or chemical stimuli?

Movement in response to light is called phototaxis, and in response to chemicals is chemotaxis. More specifically, movement towards a stimulus is positive and away from is negative. For example, positive chemotaxis is movement of a cell towards nutrients.

What are autonomic reflexes?

Autonomic Reflexes are micro movements in response to specific stimuli that are not regulated by conscious effort. Its most effective use is in the Autonomic Digital Reflexapproach in which twitches of the fingers are decoded as meaningful reactions of the body's inner state.

What is the medical term meaning loss of movement?

Akinesia means loss of movement. Rigor means rigidness preventing response to stimuli - also a loss of movement.

Do reflexes that are rapid predictable and automatic respond to stimuli?


Are automatic subconscious responses to external or internal stimuli?


Is reflex action and reflex arcs are same?

Reflexes are uncontrollable movements that happen almost instantly in response to a stimuli. A reflex arc, a neuronal circuit that controls reflexes, is where reflex activities takes place.