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There isn't one. Get a new battery.

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Q: What fuse controls the remote control on a car?
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Which car DVD player has a remote control?

All of them come standard with remote controls.

Which car CD changers come with remote controls?

The Clarion FMC250 has a remote control option available.

On a Saturn LS1 is there a fuse in the car that controls the lock unlock panic remote?

the key less entry is controlled by the body control module.There isn't a specific fuse for that operation. There are fuses for the lock actuator. Not knowing your specific problem its had to understand what you want.

What you mean by remote control car?

You can control the car by remote AP1

How can I fix the transmitter for a remote control car?

One can fix the transmitter of a remote control car by going to the store where the remote control car was originally purchased, in case said store has a warranty policy.

What is a Canon remote controller RC 1 used for?

The Canon remote controller RC 1 is used to control the RC 1 remote control car. A remote control car is usually a small car that can be controlled from a distance with a controller.

Can you use another remote controller for a remote control car if you have another controller that is not like your originai remote control?

No you CANT a different remote control for a different car

Were can you get another remote control for a remote control car?

eBay or an RC store

Who made the first remote control car?

the first remote control car was invented in 1995 by Angie Darnell

When and where was the remote control car invented?

the remote car was invented in austrailla in 1879

What waves are used in remote controls?

Remote controls use both infrared and radio frequency technologies. Your typical TV remote uses infrared and your typical car remote uses RF.

How durable is a remote control car?

Durability of remote control cars is determined by the quality of the model of remote control car that you own. Cheaper cars won't last as long as higher end cars.

Where can one purchase a gas-powered remote control car?

There are many retailers where one can purchase a gas-powered remote control car. One can purchase a gas-powered remote control car online at Amazon, eBay, and XenonProject.

How do you program your car alarm remote to your car?

You can set your alarm to your car using the remote control exclusively for cars.

You have 1999 Nissan Sentra When brought you were able to lockunlock doors using remote control but now its now working you feel fuse is blown Anyone who can help you to locate the fuse in the car?

The fuse panel is located under the dash drivers side. It can also be that the remote battery is dead.

How does a remote control toy car work?

The remote control is made out of an electronic circuit and it is electrically connected to another electronic circuit in the car.

How a does a remote control car works?

In a remote controlled car, there is a motor which makes the thing go and a servo (a miniature motor) which is connected to an arm which steers it. There is a receiver which receives signal from a transmitter (which you are holding). The receiver passes that signal on to a speed controller which controls the (you guessed it) speed of the motor. If you move the right stick (or wheel) on the transmitter, it sends a signal to the receiver. The receiver decodes the signal and tells the servo to move one way or another, in turn, giving you steering control. SN8 Auto remote control blocker/decoder/scanner has this function: crack, detect, receive, copy remote control signals, then command the car as freely as the car's owner. from all car remote control frequency Duplicator / Detector / Interceptor / Scanner receives the signal sent by the car remote control anti-theft system, save and copy the remote control signal. SN8 car remote control decoder, SN8 remote control code scanner, SN8 Radio Frequency Detector.

What is the fastest remote control car?

The RC Nitro Gas Car is said to be the fastest remote control car. It can go up to 60 mph and costs about $180.

Can anybody give circuit for Wireless remote control for robot car?

How to make a wireless remote control car plz give circuit diagram

Fuse to ECU melted in fuse panel of 99 Tahoe replaced fuse and car runs fine what would cause the fuse to melt what would you adivse to do next?


What controls the gauge cluster cruise control?

The steering is what controls the gauge in cruise control. This is in any car or truck.

Where can one buy a remote control car?

Remote control cars can be purchased at most hobby stores and specialty toy stores hobby stores will have the largest selection. Remote Control car can also be found at some Radio Shack stores.

Name something you might need a remote control for?

Car or truck, remote starter

Where can I buy a Remote Control Hummer RC Car?

A Remote Control Hummer RC Car can be easily found and purchased online at websites like and The website,, can provide comparable models.

What can you get your little bother for Christmas?

Remote Control Car : )