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There isn't one. Get a new battery.

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2006-04-15 02:50:59
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Q: What fuse controls the remote control on a car?
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Which car DVD player has a remote control?

All of them come standard with remote controls.

Which car CD changers come with remote controls?

The Clarion FMC250 has a remote control option available.

What is ecm fuse?

An ecm fuse is the fuse that protects and powers the Electronic Control Module in your car. Simply put, it is the fuse for you cars computer that controls all or most of the electronic engine controls.

What you mean by remote control car?

You can control the car by remote AP1

On a Saturn LS1 is there a fuse in the car that controls the lock unlock panic remote?

the key less entry is controlled by the body control module.There isn't a specific fuse for that operation. There are fuses for the lock actuator. Not knowing your specific problem its had to understand what you want.

Can you use another remote controller for a remote control car if you have another controller that is not like your originai remote control?

No you CANT a different remote control for a different car

Were can you get another remote control for a remote control car?

eBay or an RC store

When and where was the remote control car invented?

the remote car was invented in austrailla in 1879

Who made the first remote control car?

the first remote control car was invented in 1995 by Angie Darnell

How can I fix the transmitter for a remote control car?

One can fix the transmitter of a remote control car by going to the store where the remote control car was originally purchased, in case said store has a warranty policy.

What is a Canon remote controller RC 1 used for?

The Canon remote controller RC 1 is used to control the RC 1 remote control car. A remote control car is usually a small car that can be controlled from a distance with a controller.

What waves are used in remote controls?

Remote controls use both infrared and radio frequency technologies. Your typical TV remote uses infrared and your typical car remote uses RF.

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