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Marco Polo

What game did Marco Polo invent?

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Did marco polo invent marco polo?

No Marco Polo did not invent the game Marco Polo.

Did Marco Polo invent the pool game Marco Polo?


What did Marco Polo invent?

Marco Polo wasn't an inventor he was a merchant.

Did Marco Polo invent polo?

No way broooooooo

How did the game of Marco polo start?

the marco polo game started becuase MARCO POLO traveled a lot so its like wheres "marco""polo"

Why was the Pool game Marco Polo called Marco Polo?

Because in the game you are 'exploring', just like Marco Polo did.

When did Marco polo invent pizza?

He never did.

What country did Marco polo invent paper?

Marco Polo visited China and discovered paper and pasta.

Does Marco Polo the game have to do with Marco Polo the explorer?


When did Marco Polo make the Marco Polo game?


Did Marco Polo invent the first paper airplane?

No he did not. If you look at the page "Marco Polo" on you can see for yourself.

Did Marco Polo invent paper?

No. The Chinese did and Polo wasn't an inventor, but a merchant.

Did Marco Polo invent ice-cream?


Did Marco polo invent pizza?

Yes, in China

How did the game Marco Polo become invented?

Marco Polo is a game of tag that is played in a swimming pool. There are also a few variations of the game. The origin of Marco polo can not be verified.

Is Marco Polo honored in any way?

A game was named after marco polo because you are exploring things as marco polo did.

What place did Marco Polo discover?

He only discovered the game Marco Polo

What inventions did Marco polo create?

hello.duh the game Marco polo estupid

Did Marco Polo event the game Marco Polo?

No, no, no, no and NO! I cannot stress that enough. NO!!

What does the game Marco Polo half to do with Marco Polo?

He has to do with the game because he was looking for things he didn't know where they where.

How did Marco Polo invent spaghetti?

He didn't, it is a stupid myth.

Was Marco Polo the game named after Marco Polo?

Yes, it was because Marco Polo was an explorer and he found stuff. That's why in Marco Polo, you have to find someone with your eyes closed.

What was the year that Marco Polo made the Marco Polo game?

because helani is awesome and i am so cool thats why he made the game marco polo because he wanted to find me

Why did Marco Polo invent the first paper airplane?

because he wanted to

How is Marco polo honored?

There is a nice pool game named Marco polo and that is a way he is honored.