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Nothing it Doesn't play a game

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โˆ™ 2010-02-26 21:54:40
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Q: What game does the blue puffle play?
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What game can you play with a blue puffle?


What game do blue puffles play on club penguin?

Get a blue puffle and see!!

What game can your blue puffle play with you?

The blue puffle can play with you in a game. The puffle which is _________ can: red-catching waves purple-dance contest pink-aqua grabber yellow-DJ KDANCE Blue- bounce( this game is only open in the summer festival. a.k.a jungle festival) I hope this helps and you can get on with your club penguin.

What game does the blue puffle play with you on clubpenguin?

eather bean counter or puffle rescue i don't know for sure.

What game can the purple puffle play?

A purple puffle can play the game... DANCE CONTEST

What game ca the blue puffle do?

You can bring it into the book game called My Puffle.

Can you play a game with a puffle?

You can play catching waves with a red puffle. You can play dance contest with a purple puffle. You can play aqua grabber with a pink puffle. you can play puffle round up..but not with ur puffle exactly

What do blue puffle do?

Play with a ball!

Who does a pink puffle play on club penguin?

A pink puffle can play any puffle game. The Aqua Grabber game is its favorite. Go to the iceberg to play Aqua Grabber.

What game does a brown puffle play?

it plays puffle maker with you

Where is the white puffle?

if you play the mini game puffle roundup play until you see him :)

Where on club penguin does the blue puffle like to go?

The blue puffle can go to the new Pufflescape game in the pet shop.

What is a blue puffle?

A blue puffle is this blue puff ball of something like fur and it has eyes and a big wide smile and loves to play with balls.

What does a light blue puffle like to do on Club Penguin?

The puffle loves to play with its beach ball!!!

What can blue pufles do for you on Club Penguin?

they don't have their own special game, but you can play puffle launch with them. their toy is an inflatable ball.

What game can you play with a black puffle?

You can play cart surfer.

What game can your green puffle play with you clubpenguin?

Your green puffle can play Jet pack adventure with you on club penguin

How do you play games with your puffle in club penguin?

All you have to do is take your puffle on a walk and go to the game that you want to play.

What game can your yellow puffle play with you?


What game does orange puffle play club penguin?

I'm sorry but Club Penguin hasn't been able to make a game for the orange puffle to play on.

What game can a blue puffle join?

If you mean in games, it can't.

How do you play puffle rescu?

its easy all you do is use your arrow keys but the pink puffle rescue and black puffle rescue is members only but any one can play the blue one

What game can your yellow puffle play?

The creators of Club Penguin have created a game you can play with your yellow puffle it is dj3k here are the games the puffles can play 1.Blue Puffle Plays: can not play any games 2. Red Puffle Plays: catching waves ( Located: Cove) (Note: If you play survival your puffle will get scared and leave you!) 3.Pink Puffle Plays: aqua grabber (On The Iceberg you'll see it!! It's on the map!!) 4.Black Puffle Plays: cart surfer (Located: In the mine) 5.Green Puffle Plays: Jet Pack Adventure (Located: AT the BEACH, go inside the lighthouse and the go upstairs.) 6.Yellow Puffle Plays: D J 3 K (Located: in the Night Club) 7.Purple Puffle Plays: dance contest (Located: in the Night Club) 8.White Puffle can not play games 9.Orange Puffle Does not play games 10. Brown Puffle wont play games

What puffle is the sweetist puffle?

The Blue Puffle, and the White Puffle. Blue: nice White: shy, cute.

In games in clubpenguin what does the black puffle do?

Th black puffle does play a game and it is Cart Surfing. :)