What game in the sports world what is the highest sport?

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Alex Rodriguez makes over 25 million USD a year (baseball)
Christian Ronaldo makes 18 million USD a year (soccer)
Tom Brady makes 18 million USD a year. (football)

Hockey, golf, and tennis players come no where close to these numbers based on winnings/salary. I don't know what the average salaries are these sports. The endorsement deals are how top players really get rich.
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What is the highest paying sport?

Based on the yearly salary that athletes get paid by, baseball is the highest paying sport. If you mean by the amount of games played, than football. According to Forbes magazine the two highest paid athletes in 2004 were golfer Tiger Woods and race car driver Michael Schumacher. But the two high ( Full Answer )

Who is the highest paid sports figure?

Answer . Tiger Woods makes more than anyone. He doesn't even have to win to make money. He has many sponsers, and we are not even talking about the PGA retirement package yet. . The Formula One race driver Michael Schumacher made about $80 million in 2004, making him the highest paid sports figure ( Full Answer )

How much does the highest-paid sports star in the world earn?

Jermaine o'neal of the Indiana Pacers has a contract of 110 million for 5 years. Kevin Garnett is paid 28 million a year. Allen Iverson gets 12.5 million a year. Small beer. Ferrari's Michael Schumacher trucks $60 million a year to the bank.

What is the highest paid sport in the world?

basketball followed by American football followed by soccer in team sport in individual sports it is golf formula 1 tennis boxing chess i hope it answers your question

What are the highest grossing sports in the world?

Highest Grossing Sports Depends, per person average? US MLB players average million dollar contracts. Total money grossed? Soccer...there are too many players world wide, not to be the top money winners. Even if they averaged $100K per, they would easily exceed baseball totals. Well Soccer ( Full Answer )

Who is the highest paid sports coach?

José Mourinho currently earns £13.9M ($22M) per year at Inter Milan. This is before bonuses which can inflate his salary to £15.4M ($24.5M). . Phil Jackson, is the highest paid American sports coach making $10.3 million per year.

Highest paid sports star?

\nIf you are including sponsors too it would be Tiger Woods and David Beckham. But just salary from the sport he/she plays it would be David Beckham who receives around $1million a week.

Is boxing the highest paid sport?

No, Formula One drivers make vast sums of money. They can earn in excess of $20 million a year directly from the sport plus sponsorship deals etc. . actually boxing may be the highest paying sport, if Floyd mayweather wanted to fight 3 times a year, he would most definitely make over 100 million ( Full Answer )

Who is the highest paid sports person in the world?

The highest paid sports person in the world is golfing great Tiger Woods with annual earnings of 110 million including endorsements. He is closing in on earning over 1 billion dollars from his 13 year career.

Highest paid sports?

Soccer,Because A Lot Of People Watch Soccer And Cant Wait For The Fifa And Plus Players Have Practice Every Day Accept Sat And Sun

Highest paid person in sports?

probalies a Manchester city player but the richest person in sport is ... ( he's got a romeo and a brookyln a cruz and a Harper 7) he is

Who is the highest paid sports athelete?

The highest paid sports athlete is Tiger Woods averaging 110 million dollars per 12 months...that was until some of his sponsors being rescinded

Who is the highest paid sports player in the world?

Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid is the highest paid footballer. Wayne Rooney of Manchester United is also one of the highest. Tiger Woods, playing golf for the PGA, is also one of the highest-paid players.

Highest paid sports player?

Currently, the highest paid athlete in the world is FloydMayweather Junior, with an annual salary of $75.5 million. Thesecond highest paid athlete is Christiano Ronaldo, with an annualsalary of $50 million.

What is sports world?

Sports World is a store that sells a lot of different sporting goods. I have seen one in Ottawa.

Who is the highest sports player?

"Tiger" Woods, with 71 million per annum, with David "Becks" Beckham behind at 31 million per annum.

Highest grossing sports franchise?

Yankees Real Madrid, soccer, grosses the most worldwide. If limited to the US or North America, then yes: Yankees baseball; Steelers football, Toronto Maple Leafs, hockey are probably #s 1, 2 and 3 on that list. Actually, I recently read an article about that subject. According to the articl ( Full Answer )

Highest paid sport person?

1. Tiger Woods, making $100,000,000 playing golf. 2. Oscar De La Hoya, making $43,000,000 boxing. 3. Phil Mickelson, making $42,200,000 playing golf. 4. Kimi Raikkonen, making $40,000,000 auto racing. 5. Michael Schumacher, making $36,000,000 auto racing. 6. David Beckham, making $33,000,000 playing ( Full Answer )

What sport is paid the highest?

as of 2011 in north America, the highest is boxing, followed by formula one racing and third is baseball because the three sports listed above has the highest possibility of fatalities.

What sport has the highest fatal rate?

It is not SCUBA. Scuba divers are well trained. Accidents happen but considering the number of divers out there scuba is quite safe. Jogging and riding a bicycle would rate much higher.

Highest RPM sport bike?

Ive got a 1990 kawasaki 250 ninja that red lines at 19,000 I'm not sure if it's the highest but i don't know of another higher.

Ten highest revenue sports?

1. Cavaliers 2. Lakers 3. Celtics 4. Magic 5. Spurs 6. Mavericks 7. Trailblazers 8. Hawks 9. Nuggets 10. Hornets

Highest attendance in any sport?

The Indianapolis 500 gathers an estimated crowd of 400,000 people. But the Indianapolis Speedway only seats 250,000...but even with that number it is still the largest stadium in the world. The Tour de France is not a fair event because it spans over 2 days. And no soccer stadium can hold 400,000 fa ( Full Answer )

What is the highest paid sports league?

The highest paid sports league in the world is the NationalBasketball Association or NBA. The highest paid individual team inthe world is Manchester City.

Is football the highest paid sport?

Nope, boxing is the highest paid sport. Boxers can earn up to 50 mil a yr! Then it's Formula racing, baseball, and then football.

What is Australia's highest paying sport?

It's close between Cricket, Rugby Union, AFL and Soccer. Crickets highest payed players would be the Australian cricket team, the captain and vic captian could be on 1mill a year for playing 2-3 forms of the game(Test, ODI and 20/20) and can make a lot of $$$ from Sponsorships. Rugby Union players c ( Full Answer )

What sport has the highest death rate?

More people die playing lawn bowls than any other sport. forget base jumping just kneeling over in this game can cause a severe heart attack. LOL. But it is true :)

Is gaming a sport?

Well I feel that gaming is not a sport as you do not use any physical energy and it does tax on the brain as it makes you look at a screen for hours. In my opinion I would NOT class it as a sport

What are sports and games?

Sports and games are things you can do. Sports are things you play either inside or outside. You can play on a team or by yourself. Games on the other hand are sort of alike sports but games could be many things... for example you can play a board game which is a game that you sit down and play with ( Full Answer )

Who is the highest paid sport agent?

Agencies never release the salaries of there agents, but a couple years ago, William Morris accidentally sent there executive salaries out and the range of their pay was like from $2-7 million but if u want to know how much for sure than just look it up on Google.

Highest paid sports in the world?

The highest paid sport is soccer. The FIFA World Cup (shown) is is every 4 years and is paid about $260,000,000! 2nd place is more soccer, this is the Champions Cup in Europe where club teams or city teams play off. The next is the Dubai World Cup which is a racing event and is paid about $22,00 ( Full Answer )

What is the worlds highest paying sport?

That depends on not only the sport but also the individuals involved and what products they endorse. Currently, people in professional sports can earn a massive amount of money. In recent years, a great deal of the growth in their income has come from broadcasting rights and endorsements. Here ar ( Full Answer )

Why does the world have sports?

i think the world has sports just to keep the kids entertained and for fun I think they are fun! :)

Is soccer the highest paid sport?

No it is most likely baseball or football but no its not soccer The perivous answer is wrong. The highest paid baseball player is paid 32 million (USD).The highest paid soccer player is David Beckham with 40 million. As well as, Cristiano Ronaldo (34 Million), and Messi (32 Million). The highest ( Full Answer )

What is a sport games?

sports game is a game that people will develop there skills in game that they love to play.

What was the most highest wager in sports?

Bill Gates, you know, the richest guy in the world, once bet 2 million USD that Micheal Phelps would win a 50 meter backstroke race against his own best time during the 1994 olympics. Phelp's best time was 19.34 seconds. Bill Gates lost the 2 million dollar wager to steve jobs, his top competitor ( Full Answer )

Who is the highest paider in sports now?

Currently, Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete, bringing in $85 million in salary. Others in the top 5 include Manny Pacquiao, Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and Roger Federer.

What is the highest awarded scholarship for sports?

colleges pay a percentage of your costs to attend the school which includes things such as your meal plan, tuition, and housing. The highest amount that NCAA allows a college to pay an athlete is 100% of these costs and no more than that. This is considered a "full ride".