What game system Pokemon Stadium play in?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What game system Pokemon Stadium play in?
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Do you have to use your GBA in Pokemon Stadium?

No although it's impossible to use the GBA for the game. You can use the GBA to play the pokemon games that are compatible with Pokemon Stadium

How does Pokemon Stadium and 2 recognize game boy Pokemon games through use of the transfer pak in the GB tower it will detect an inserted Pokemon game boy game but not another game boy game why?

Pokemon Stadium's GB Tower can only play Pokemon games.

Can you play Pokemon Stadium on a different system?

Try searching up, how to get it for the PC.

What does a Nintendo 64 transfer pack do?

The transfer pak allows you to play the original Pokemon games on the N64 game Pokemon stadium and Pokemon stadium plus it lets you trade with the games as well and lets you use your Gameboy Pokemon in the game.

Can you play Pokemon gameboy version on Pokemon Stadium n64?

Yes using the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak you can insert a cartridge of any of the Gameboy Pokemon titles and play them on Pokemon Stadium. Choose GB Tower to load the Gameboy game.

How do you play Game Boy Pokemon characters on Pokemon Stadium?

First you need the special adaptor that plugs into the back of your Nintendo 64 controller. With it you insert either Pokemon red, blue, or yellow. Then you start up the system. Select the game/battle that you wish to enter. When you are selecting Pokemon for your team there is an option to import from your Gameboy game.

Can you play any Game Boy games with the Nintendo 64 transfer pack?

Yes you can play Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow using Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Stadium 2. You can also transfer data to Perfect Dark and Mario Golf using the Transfer Pak.

Is there a game were you can control the Pokemon?

Assuming that you want a game where you battle Pokemon head-to-head, try Pokemon Stadium. I used to play the one for Nintendo 64, but there are newer versions for the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii.

How do you get the Pokemon Stadium1in Smash Bros Brawl?

To unlock the original Pokemon Stadium, you must play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times.

How do you use the Nintendo 64 transfer pak?

The transfer pak was used with certain games to transfer data from Game Boy games to the Nintendo 64. The games supported with this are: Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mickey's Speedway USA, Perfect Dark, Pokemon Stadium, and Pokemon Stadium 2. All of the games besides Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 used their counterpart Game Boy/ Game Boy Color game. Pokemon Stadium could be used to transfer data from Pokemon versions Red, Blue, and Yellow, and Pokemon Stadium 2 could be used with Pokemon versions Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, and Crystal. When used with these Pokemon titles the transfer pak actually allows you to play the compatible Game Boy games RIGHT ON THE N64! The mode, called Game Boy Tower, is the ONLY way to play a Game Boy game on the 64 and only these Pokemon titles are supported. Pretty cool, huh?

can you play Pokemon stadium on the wii?

yes u can

Can you play Pokemon yellow on a Nintendo Game Boy Advance Video Game System?

No, the GBA cannot play original Game Boy titles.