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they are in puzzle palace, when your in your moshi monsters house press that puzzle button.

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2010-02-15 09:06:45
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Q: What games are there on Moshi Monsters and where are they?
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How do you get moshi coins on Moshi Games?

Rox are the 'coins' used to buy things on Moshi Monsters. You can not get Rox on the Moshi Games website as it is separate from the Moshi Monsters website. If you want to get Rox for playing games, you have to play the games as a member on the Moshi Monsters website.

How do you play Moshi Monsters Fun Park without a Moshi Monster?

There is another web site called Moshi Games which has most of the Moshi Monsters games on it, but you do not have to have a Moshi Monsters Membership to play the games. See Related Links.

Is there only 1 Moshi Monsters?

Yes there is only one game called Moshi Monsters. However, there are games similar to Moshi Monsters.

Where are the mini games on moshi monsters?

At the moshi fun park

What do you do on Moshi Monsters?

in moshi monsters you can play games buy stuff and grow plants to get a pet

What shop do you buy games from on moshi monsters?

If you are a paid Moshi Monsters member, you can buy games from the Games Starcade on Sludge Street in Monstro City.

How do you become the monstEr of the month in Moshi Monsters?

Do well in games, go on moshi monsters everyday ETC.

Where is find Iggy the game on Moshi Monsters? is the web site with all the Moshi Monsters games. See Related Links for a direct link to the "Where's I.G.G.Y." game.

What is the level 3 code in Moshi Monsters?

There are no codes for the levels in Moshi Monsters. You have to earn XP by playing games, shopping, and completing Moshi Monsters Missions and Adventures.

How many games are there in Moshi Monsters?


What are the cheats to get arcade machines on Moshi Monsters?

Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. You have to be a paid Moshi Member and go to the Games Starcade on Sludge Street to buy arcade games.

What is something like Moshi Monsters?

Online games that are like Moshi Monsters include Club Penguin and Neopets.

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