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THey played Lacrosse.

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Q: What games did the native people play?
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What kinds of games did the native Americans play?

The kind of games (or sports) the Native Americans played was baseball:)

What games did native Americans play?

Double Ball

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What games did the native Americans play in the long houses native Americans?

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What did the Indians do for fun?

Native people had games that were part of their days as others did. Some of these games are double ball, throwing contests, foot races... similar games that we still play.

What games did the native Cheyenne Indians play?

tic tac toe

What games did the Native Americans play?

They liked to play lacrosse,soccer and counting coups

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What games did the Suisun People play?


What games do Native Americans play?

They played a game called hoop and pole .

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What sports and games did the Native Americans play?

Lacrosse is one of North America's oldest sports and it's a Native American sport ...

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