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if you are talking about ancient Egypt they play games like spinning tops,toy horse and bouncing back=P


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What games do children play in ancient Egypt?

some games are leapfrog and mancola!

Did children play games in the stone age?

did stone age children play games

What games did they play in ancient Egypt?


What games did Zuni children play?

what games did zuni play

What are some good games for children to play in kindergarten?

There are many games that you can play with children in Kindergarten. You can play word games such as "I Spy", or more activity based games such as "Hopscotch".

What games do children play in china?

they play all cool games

What did children in ancient Egypt do?

They played games and did chores and stuff!

What is an Egypt life like?

an Egypt life is where they play board games and want to be famous

What games do kids play in Egypt?

black opps

What kind of games do the children play in Pakistan?

CHILDREN play field hocky

What games do the Inuit children play?

the inuit children play sky tossing

What games do Indian children play?

the Cherokee children played games such as stickball.

What games did children play in the 1920's?

Children played a variety of games in the 1920s. Kids were known to play Kick the Can, play games of tag or marbles, or they might play with dolls.

What games did the Yakima Indians children play?

what games did the yakima tribe play

What games did algonquian children play?

play lacrosse

What did ancient greek children play with?

In Ancient Greece they will play with children and hand games

What games do French children play?

I know many children play chess in France

What games do children play in Costa Rica?

they play soccer

What did children do in Elizabethan times?

play with toys and play games

What games did children play in 1940?

1940 type games.

What did Greek children do for fun?

For fun, ancient Greek children would play games and play with toys. The games they would play would be hockey or juggling with balls.

How many hours do children play video games?

Some sites usually say that children play video games about an hour a day.

What games did the Egyptian children play?

Egyptian children played leap frog or chasing away birds. everyone in Egypt loved the game senet!!! they also played with toy soldiers, dolls, and active things

What games did ancient Chinese children play?

they play games like shuttlecock, marbles, and stilts

What do children in Morocco do for fun?

They play games on their cell phones or play games of soccer outside.