What games were in the Nintendo Switch announcement video?

This is a list of each game that we can see in the video The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The only game that was known to come for the NX call before this announcement, so it's no surprise. Skyrim. The epic medieval RPG of Bethesda will have its version for Switch, in case you want something with more murders than Zelda. Mario Kart 8. From what we see in the video, it seems that the Wii U version of the Nintendo racing game will be ported to Switch. It is not sure what changes will be made. An unnamed Basketball game that is probably NBA 2K17. Super Mario. Switch is going to have what the Wii U never had. A new single-player Mario game in the Super Mario 64 style. Splatoon. In this case, it does not look like a porter of the paintball game of Nintendo Wii U, because the characters have customizable hair styles, which is not possible in the current version of Wii U. An update or a Sequel It's still not safe.