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They use propane to heat regular air in the balloon.

\The canopy of the balloon only holds heated air, the propane is held in a tank and is only used to create heat.


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Helium gas is used in a balloon vendor.

The balloon with krypton gas has a higher density than the balloon with argon gas.

to keep the balloon floating

balloon is not a gas but we blow gas so that we can expand it. balloon is just made up of stretchable material called rubber.we can put any gas in a balloon.

To make them lighter than air 'helium' is used.

A balloon is made out of solid materials. The air inside a balloon is gas.

When a balloon pops, the gas inside the balloon disperses.

A hot air balloon is normally powered with propane. Other than that, it is just ordinary air used inside the balloon.

Yes, there is more mass in an inflated balloon than a deflated one. The difference is the gas that was used to inflate the balloon. The gas may not weigh very much, but it does make a difference.

Helium balloon has helium gas

This depends on many variables. What is the weight of the notebook, what is the diameter of the balloon, what material is used for the balloon, what gas is used to fill the balloon, what is the weight of the material that is attached to the balloon and the notebook, is this taking place in earth's atmosphere, or somewhere else. There are several other minor variables, as well. And do remember, the balloon must be filled with a gas that is lighter than the surrounding medium!

you have to put gas in a balloon or something for example a balloon compresses gas(helium)

A balloon is normally made of rubber which is a solid material; balloons are designed to contain gas but they are not themselves an example of gas. You can put a gas in a balloon.

Hydrogen is used. Sorry. Just regular air is used in a hot air balloon, it is heated which makes it lighter and less dense and therefore provide lift. Hence the name hot air balloon. Hydrogen is used in a gas balloon.

It was made out of the light gas gas Helium.

A typical hot air balloon is filled with the same air we breath.

A balloon has a set shape, well not if you buy a balloon that clowns use; but helium is a gas so it will only fill the shape it's given.

Heat expands the gas (any gas) and makes the balloon rise.

Inside a balloon there is gas. This gas is normally helium if you want the balloon to fly high, but hydrogen also works.

the gas takes the shape and size of the balloon

You would hear the intermittent sound of the gas jet used to reheat the air in the balloon.

Hydrogen was used in air balloons at older times. but at present we use helium gas in air balloons . helium is an inert gas.

Gas has mass, so if you fill the balloon with gas (air), the filled balloon has the mass of the balloon plus the air within it.

The gas inside of a balloon is less dense than the air outside of it if the balloon floats. If the balloon does not float the density of the gas inside of it is equal to or more dense than that around it.

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