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Certain gases that react with oxygen, for example hydrogen.

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The gas which burns with a pop sound is hydrogen gas.

which gas burns at a very high temperature

complete burning gas completely burns its fuel and a incomplete burning gas partially burns.

Burning is the act of 'oxidation'. Thus Oxygen gas is consumed when pentane burns.

yes, hydrogen gas burns with a pop!

No, propane burns at 2500btu while natural gas burns at only 1012btu. Propane burns over 2 times hotter than natural gas.

Mapp gas burns at 5301° F (2927° C). In air, Mapp gas burns at 2,020°C (3,670°F).

i think it's hydrochloric gas.

yes. hydrogen burns but does not support combustion. its kinda complicated..but ya hydrogen gas burns easily. :)

Fire, explosions, burns. And don't inhale the gas.

because the car burns gas to move

when carbon burns in air it reacts with O2 gas to make CO2

carbon dioxide why does fuel produce carbon dioxide when it burns

Mustard gas burns everything it touches and it will always find a way in. If the gas enters your lungs it burns you from the inside out. During the war mustard gas was the most poisonous gas used and only the respirator or gas mask could save you.

Set up a fire in the same box as the gas and see if the fire burns well. If it burns well, it is oxygen.

Hydrogen is a colorless gas that burns with oxygen. If substances will burn in air, those same substance will burn better in oxygen.

Because it is supposed to.

Fossil fuel and it burns

Hydrogen gas (H2) burns to form water (H2O). The reaction equation is as follows: 2 H2 + O2 --> 2 H2O

Bring a burning matchstick near the test the gas. If the gas burns with a pop- sound then the gas is hydrogen

This means your car is working. Driving burns gas, and it disappears from the gas tank.

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