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Q: What gas in the atmosphere protects living things from ultraviolet light?
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What protects living things from too musch ultraviolet radiation?

Ozone protects living things from UV rays. It is present as ozone layer.

What protects living things from too much ultra violent radiation?

The Ozone Layer present in the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere acts as a protective blanket over earth to protect living things from the harmful and highly energetic ultraviolet radiations.

What atmospheric layer protects living things by absorbing harmful ultraviolet light?

Answer: Ozone Layer

What protects living things from to much ultraviolet light?

If it is a human then the skin protects the entering of strong ultraviolet rays. In animals its the same. In plants the other covering of the cuticle protects to plant from being exposed to these rays.

What layer of the atmosphere contains a substance that was created from a living thing and protects living things?


What layer of the earth do living things possible to exit?

Living things are there because of atmosphere. It protects us from radiations of sun.

What are some ways the atmosphere protects living things?

Maintains even temperatures, keeps out UV Rays, holds in air.

Which layer of the atmosphere contains ozone that protects the earths surface from ultraviolet ray?

Ozone layer filers the UV rays.

Which layer of earths atmosphere contains the ozone that protects living things from too much ultra violet radiation?

The ozone layer

Where is atmosphere located?

The atmosphere is located right above Earth. Or the circle around Earth that protects it from all different kinds of things. And makes life on Earth suitable for living.

What does the atmostphere do for people?

It helps every people and animals to breath. It is a security Blanket for the earth. The atmosphere of Earth protects us and all living things on the earth from dangerous radiation from the sun. In addition to the light we see, the sun also gives off ultraviolet radiation. Much of it is filtered out by the atmosphere. Ultraviolet radiation can destroy living cells causing harm to our skin and leading to skin cancer. The sun's rays are important for us. They provide light and heat but they also contain dangerous rays that can harm us. The atmosphere helps to protect us.

Do living things need ultraviolet light?