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The main gas is water vapor, which is responsible for up between 40% and 70% of greenhouse warming. However as this occurs naturally it is not possible to regulate it. The next one is carbon dioxide (26%), then methane (9%) and ozone (7%). There are others too, but these are the main ones. There are many gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect. Some have a more potent effect than others. The following are considered to be greenhouse gases, the number after the name indicates the equivalent greenhouse gas effect compared to carbon dioxide (the principal man-made greenhouse gas)

* Water vapor (H2O) = ? * Carbon dioxide (CO2) = 1 * Methane (CH4) = 21 * Nitrous oxide (N2O) = 298 * Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) = 22,200 * Chlorinated fluorocarbons (CFC's) = 1000 to 9000


1. Water vapor is an odd one in the list as it is naturally occurring. It may be responsible for more than 30% of the greenhouse effect.

2. CFC's include many different compounds.
Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Water Vapor, and Methane.

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Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas by volume and overall influence. Methane (CH4) is a more powerful greenhouse gas, but exists in our atmosphere in much smaller quantities. Nitrous oxide (N2O) is another greenhouse gas.

These gases are not associated with each other. Additional CO2 (at present) is liberated primarily via combustion of fossil fuels.

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Gasses are carbon dioxide, methane, helium and hydrogen

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Q: What gasses are in the green house gas?
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What are two green house gasses?

Methane and carbondioxide.

What type of heat does a green house create?

Green House Gasses, A.K.A. CO2 or Carbon Dioxide.

What are some green house gasses?

Methane, carbon dioxide

How is green house gas measured?

There are a number of tools available to track greenhouse gasses. They include portfolio managers, audits, and calculators. These tools are used by a number of organizations and corporations to keep track of greenhouse gasses.

Which green house gas destroys another green house gas?


Do any of the planets have a atmosphere?

Yes. Venus has an atmosphere. The atmosphere is so thick and full of green-house gasses, we could not see the surface. The green-house gasses keep it very hot on the surface, as well.

What are the problems in industry?

many produce green-house gasses and are bad for the environment

Cement gives out which green house gas?

cement gives out which green house gas?

Is hydrogen sulphide a green house gas?

No.Hydrogen gas is not a green house gas. Hydrogen chemically combined with oxygen becomes a green house gas. Water vapor is the most common green house gas making up about 75% of all warming.

What gasses can be produced from fosssil fuels?

green house gasses are produced like carbon dioxide which is the most common one produced by cars

What are the two green house grasses?

The two greenhouse gasses are methane and carbon dioxide.

Which of the following countries produce the most green house gasses (Apex)?

China (APEX)