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What gauge of service wire should you run for a 200A service to a meter box and service panel?


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Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.For a 200 amp service table 310.16 from the NEC is used. This shows that 3/0 cu wire is suitable for 200 amps with an insulation factor of 75 degree C or 210 amps with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C. The neutral may be able do be downsized depending on whether or not harmonic loads exist (i.e. nonlinear loads such as computers). The utility company will run the wire from their transformer to your meter disconnect and meter socket.

Another thought

Be careful. This question can have more than one valid answer. For instance, table 310.16 may apply in some circumstances, but if the 200A service in the question happens to be a single-phase service in a dwelling, there is a different table (310.15(B)(6) just for the purpose of sizing service conductors in that case. It indicates that 2/0 copper OR 4/0 aluminum would be the correct choice.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.





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Copper SE cable gauge 00 from the meter socket to the breaker panel for a 200A service. Then 8, 10, 12, and 14 gauge wire depending on the load.

The meter is typically installed in the main circuit panel of the house. If you want to move it, you can do it as part of a service / panel upgrade. We did this when we moved into our new house - we replaced the 1950s vintage main circuit panel and 100A service with a newer 200A panel and service. It was about a grand, but we didn't actually move the panel from where it was, so it may cost more for what you want.

Ground the meter base only if it's a duplex. Otherwise, ground at the main switch or panel.

Your main breaker should tell you the amps of your panel.

yes. 90% of newer acura's require it. It should be in the service manual as well as on the instrument panel where the gas gauge is. " Premium unleaded only"

Yes, but only at the main panel, not subpanels.

No, you cannot put but one set of wires in a meter base. The way to go about this, is to mount an outside panel beside your meter base. Panel sized to existing house service, equipped with two main breakers. One to re-feed the house panel the other to feed your shop.

If indeed you have a 100 amp rated meter, it should not be placed on the service conductors feeding a 200 amp panel. You are more likely to have a problem with conductor size than with the meter. If the utility company is supplying only 100 amp service, the conductors probably are not large enough to safely carry 200 amps.

You do not use a ground wire in the connection from the meter base to the distribution panel. A bonding wire may be required if the service is using PVC conduit.

There is no bonding jumper wire required on a 200 amp service panel. The meter stack is metallic and is continuous from the mast head down to the distribution panel. If you are talking about the ground wire for a 200 amp panel it requires a #6 bare copper conductor that connects the grounding rod or plate to the neutral point in the distribution panel. Assuming the answer above is an example of a service, where the meter is stacked above the first service disconnect and is mated to this panel by a threaded hub. However if your meter were to be mounted beside your first service disconnect and a metal nipple with lock nuts were used for raceway. You would be required to have a bonding jumper on that nipple sized according to NEC Table 250.122. So for 200 amp that would be #6 copper or #4 aluminum.

Whether you have an overhead or underground feed, that section of the installation is referred to as Service Entrance Conductors. On an overhead installation, it includes the conductors on BOTH sides of the meter, from the service drop conductors (attached at the service head) to the service equipment LINE terminals. On an underground installation, it refers only to the conductors between the meter's LOAD side and the service equipment LINE terminals. The conductors on the LINE side of the meter come from a distribution transformer and are unbroken between the transformer and your meter.

This problem of no power to fuse box, must be traced back as far as your power meter.You may be looking at a sub feed panel which could be fed from a main panelso if this is the case you may have a tripped breaker or a blown main fuse.If this is your only power box, then you most likely have a loose connection coming into the fuse box from your service meter. COUTION : This can be dangerous to check out, you should alert your power company as it may also be a faulty service meter causing this problem.

Depends on the size of the sub-panel in that garage. If you are installing a 60 amp sub-panel 400 feet away from the main service panel then use AWG # 4.

It is connected to the cut out fuse which enables isolation of the circuit from the supply when there is a fault.Additional Information:The service cable is usually connected to a meter fixture and from there to the main electric panel which will have a breaker to isolate the panel.

No, on a service change all the wires have to be able to carry the current of the highest rated device. There are tow cables associated with your question. The one from the pole to the meter and the one from the meter to the main electric panel. The one to the meter is the responsibility of the power company and may well be large enough. Since it is in free air its current carrying capacity is not de-rated in the same way as the cable from the meter to your main panel. Since you will have to likely upgrade your main panel it is a good idea to replace the service entry cable to 100 A rating.

A 100 amp residential panel requires that you use AWG # 3 service entrance wire.

A 200 amp meter has to be used on a 200 amp distribution panel. As to your ability of installing this service depends upon your skill, workmanship and knowledge of installing electrical equipment and to be able to get it inspected and passed by an electrical inspector.

It needs to match the rating of the service and the panel itself. The panel will have an amperage rating and you should not exceed this.

Yes, it can cause shorts and corrosion. No moisture should ever be allowed to enter a service panel.

Depends on the load. Most residential homes require at the very least a 200 amp service panel.

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It's much safer to feed it from a separate breaker rather than double lugging to the service. Also make sure you use the right gauge wire for the amperage of the breaker you're using to feed the sub.

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