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Actually the shotgun uses 16 gauge shells i have the same shotgun

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Q: What gauge shell do you use in a JCHiggins model 583.14 15 gauge?
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Was the Model 1912 Winchester 20 gauge chambered for the magnum shell?

Winchester stopped the regular production of 20 gauge in 1963 and the 20 gauge magnum shell wasn't introduced for several years later.

What gauge of shell does a Western Field model XNH-480-G use?

It is marked on the barrel.

What length shell for a Harrington and Richardson model 348 Gamester 12 gauge shotgun?

the shotgun takes a 2 3/4 shell

What kind of shells go in a J.C Higgins model 20?

If your shotgun is a 12 gauge pump, then you have a High Standard Model 200 (Flite King). The standard 12 gauge shell is a 2 3/4 inch shotgun shell. It can be anything from #8 birdshot to a deer slug.

What was a springfield model 67F Savage Arms corp?

Mine is a 12 gauge pump. Chambered for 3" shell.

What shell size does a Stevens model 520 12 gauge take?

SHould be marked on barrel. If not, have a gunmsith check it out.

What is the value of Winchester 12 gauge model 25 paper shell worth?

50-1000 USD depending on specifics.

What is the danger is you place a 20 gauge shell in a 12 gauge shot gun?

The 20-gauge shell will fall into the barrel and lodge. When a properly fitting 12-gauge shell is chambered and fired, it will blow up the barrel and you will have a very bad day.

Can the j.c Higgins 12 gauge take 20 gauge shell?

NO!!! A 12 gauge shotgun takes only 12 gauge shells. A 20 gauge shell would fall into the barrel and get stuck about half way to the muzzle. You would be in for a nasty surprise when you put a 12 gauge shell behind it and pulled the trigger!!!

Where can you find a shell puller for a Savage model 30 series E it is a pump12 gauge with a 3 inch chamber?

One can find a shell puller for a Savage model 30 series E 12 gauge pump with 3 inch chamber through Savage directly. One can also find this item through gun auctions and classifieds.

What length shells will a Remington model 11 shoot and eject?

If it's a 16 gauge shotgun, the shell length is 2 3/4 inches.

16 gauge shotgun model 1912 serial number 108332 what shell length is required?

I have an earlier serial number of the same gun. It takes a 2-1/2 inch shell. Hope this helps.