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If it's a 16 gauge shotgun, the shell length is 2 3/4 inches.

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Q: What length shells will a Remington model 11 shoot and eject?
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Your model 900 will not eject shells?

12 gauge

Does a sear model 101.7 12 gauge eject shells?


Will Remington 870 butt-stocks fit on the Remington Model 58?

yes the butt stocks are the same the barrels are also the same the only difference ison the 58 you need to have two holes drilled into the barrel. the holes allow the pressure to eject the shells.

What Shotgun Shells work best with Remington Model 31 low brass or high brass?

I have a Remington model 31 in 16ga and i shoot regular low brass shells in it and it does fine, it would depend on the type of game you are hunting. High brass shells are for more power and longer range.

Why won't a 410 Stevens Model 67E shotgun eject spent shells?

I had the same gun and same problem. I found out that because it is a older model that you have to use a little more force and speed when you eject the spent shell. It should work because i have the cheapest wal-mart shells you can get and mine works just fine.

What length shells for Stevens model 620?

2 3/4

Can you help me identify a Remington 12 gauge bottom eject shotgun and its worth?

Odds are it isn't a Remington at all, but rather an Ithaca Model 37. To my knowledge, it was the only bottom-eject pump shotgun ever made. As for value; any gun (or anything else for that matter) is worth whatever another is willing to pay for it.

What can you do if your gun is not ejecting shells properly Remington model 1100?

Try different ammunition, verify the shotgun is put together properly.

Does a Model 1100 Magnum Remington shoot 2 34 shells?

I have a model 1100 Lt 20 ga. magnum and it will fire the 2&3/4 shells but will not cycle or eject them. Someone told me that the holes in the barrel to let the gas escape are different on the magnum. I bought another barrel for 2&3/4 shells and it cycles them fine with this barrel.

How do you loada Remington model 16 22 autoloading?

The model 16 22 is loaded from the butt of the rifle. Push on the rear of the lower knob at the base of the stock and slide the rod out. Loading shells into the cavity on the underside of the rifle and re-inserting the rod. You should also know that the Model 16 takes a special Remington .22 caliper shell that was only made by Remington and not manufactured today. The Model 16 was the only rifle to use this shell. The rifle is about guaranteed not to operate properly with modern .22 shells.

How can you find out the model of your 223 Remington 700?

Contact Remington directly.They should be able to identify the variant of model 700 rifle you have after a brief description of your rifles stock,finish,barrel length etc.

Will a model eleven Remington automatic shotgun shoot three inch shells?

Yes I own one but you must turn the spring around.