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The general rule for bicycling is to maintain a cadence - pedaling pace - of 80-100 rpm. Use a gear that lets you do that and you're mostly good.

Then there are finer details like to avoid cross chaining.

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Bring your bike for sure! You'll want to bring a good helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads. Bring a water bottle too! You'll get tired.

a 5-speed MTB is either very old or very cheap. Not a good choice for some hard DH riding. With luck, it'll only be the bike getting busted up.

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Excellent brakes, Knee pads.elbow pads, shin pads, full face helmet - oh, and a good pain threshold !

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Q: What gear is best for going down a hill on a five gear mountain bike?
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What is cycling mountain biking?

It is a sport were you ride down a mountain and take jumps on a bike.

A bike rider does work to get to the top of a mountain How could you use the law of conservation of energy to describe his trip down the mountain?

the rider uses energy to do work going up the mountain this energy changes into kinetic energy on the way down

Who was the 2007 down hill mountain bike champion?

Sam Hill

What is the difference between all mountain and cross country mountain bikes?

An AM bike is basically a cross between a XC and a DH MTB. Usually full suspension and long enough travel to take some fairly serious drops and jumps, but still light enough and with a gear ratio and a ride position that'll make it somewhat useful on the flat and during climbs. An AM bike is the best bike if you want to ride to the top, and do a decent descent. An XC bike will climb far better, but would suffer on the way down. The DH bike would be a pain to climb with, but be the best for the run down.

What is the value of GT bicycle model Palomar?

I'm not sure. But the fun value of riding a GT mountain bike down Palomar mountain is lot's.

How do you clean mountain bike?

Buy some decent bike cleaner (I use fenwicks) use it watered down on the frame, and pure on the chain then re lube it

Could you outrun a warthog?

No chance; most werewolves can maintain a 25 mph speed for hours at a time, and can sprint at up to 40 mph. You might survive if you're on a bike, going down a mountain.

What energy transformations occur in a bike going up and down a hill?

My mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the sport calld going down the mountain on skis?


What is the fastest mountain bike?

For a human-powered bicycle it's pretty pointless to talk about the fastest bike, as the rider is more important than the ride. To get a high top speed you want a BMX with the most number of teeth at the chainwheel by the pedals and the least number of teeth by the rear wheel. This will make the bike heavier to get going though.

Does it an acceleration if you go around a corner on bycicle?

A bike does not accelerate when turning a corner. A bike will slow down when going around a corner.

How fast can a mountain bike go down a hill per hour?

If you pedal very fast then you may lose control