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Q: What general died in the battle of the wilderness?
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How many died in the battle of the wilderness?

When the battle of the wilderness was over an estimated amount of 17 million men died for grant and 15.9 million for General Lee Hope this helps by the way i lied this is wrong lol u fcking retards %

What is the name of the general who won the battle of wilderness?

Robert E. Lee

Who won the battle wilderness?

Noone won because the battle was inconclusive...general grant kept his offensive going, however, the confederates had less people that were wounded and died.

What was General Lee's last offensive in the Civil War?

The Battle of the Wilderness The last offensive battle of General Lee's Army was the Battle of Bristoe Station.

Who won the Battle of the Wilderness?

the battle of the wilderness was undecisive, or there was no winner.

How many union troops died at the Battle of the Wilderness?

2,246 Union soldiers died in that battle. The Confederates lost 1,495 soldiers.

Did the Battle of the Wilderness lead to another war?

The battle of Wilderness led to the battle of Spotsylvania.

When did Battle of the Wilderness happen?

Battle of the Wilderness happened in 1864.

Was the battle that general Custer died in Custer sd?

General Custer died at the battle of the Little Bighorn, southeastern Montana.

Who were other important people in the wilderness battle?

soldiers and general grant are two important people in the war

Where was the wilderness battle?

It was in the wilderness near Spotsillevania, VA

Who died in the Battle of Shiloh?

Many soldiers on each side died during the battle and the only general that died was General Don Carlos Buell

What general died at the Battle of Shiloh?

General Don Carlos Buell

Was General S Ulysses with the north during the battle of wilderness?

Yes. He was General-in-Chief of the Union, and travelled in a mobile HQ beside the Army of the Potomac, commanded by George Meade. They lost the Battle of the Wilderness, but Grant refused to retreat. He hung on to Lee's flank, and eventually cornered him at Petersburg.

How many union soilders were killed in the battle of the wilderness?

2,246 union soldiers were killed in the battle of wilderness

When was the wilderness campaign?

The Battle of the Wilderness was fought from May 5 through May 7, 1864. It was the first battle of the Overland Campaign, fought by Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant after his appointment as a General in Chief of the Union Army.

What battle did grant and lee fight in?

the BAttle of Wilderness

What year was Battle in the Wilderness?

The year the Wilderness battles occurred was 1864.

Is the battle of the Wilderness and the battle of todd's tavern the same?

Todd's Tavern was a cavalry fight on May 4, 1864 and was one battle of the entire Battle in the Wilderness.

How many confederate soldiers died at the battle of the wilderness?

11,400 confederate soldiers and 18,400 northern soldiers

What general was involved in the battle of the wilderness?

For the Union, General Ulysses S. Grant and George G. Meade. For the Confederate States of America, there was Robert E. Lee.

What are some Revolutionary War words that begin with the letter W?

· William S. Rosecrans (Union General) · Williamsburg (Virginia), battle of · Wilderness (Virginia), battle of the · Wilson's Creek (Missouri), battle of

What general died during the yellow tavern?

ANSWER Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart died at the battle of Yellow Tavern.

What was the Union's troop advantage as the US Civil War Battle of the Wilderness unfolded?

The Battle of the Wilderness began in the first few days of May 1864. It was important in that it was the first time that General Grant would face General Lee. US Grant came will armed. His army numbered 100,000 troops and Lee had 60,000 troops. This battle became a Confederate victory.

Was the Battle in the Wilderness close to the Battle of Chancellorsville?

Although the battlefield was roughly the same, the Battle of Wilderness Tavern or The Wilderness was fought one year later than that of Chancellorsville, from May 3rd to May 6th, 1864.