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A compound light microscope.

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Q: What general type of microscope used bright illumination and multiple glass lenses?
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What general type of microscope uses bright illumination an multiple glass lenses?

samplesThe optical microscope

What are differences between the light microscope and the electron microscope?

A light microscope uses a light source but a electron microscope has beams of electrons focused by magnetic lenses.The major difference in practice is resolution: the amount of detail that can be discerned in the image. Under optimal conditions (excellent lenses, oil immersion) the resolution of a light microscope is about 0.2 micrometers (or 0.000,000,2 meters or 2 thousandths of a millimeter). Objects that are closer together cannot be detected as separate. The resolution of an transmission electron microscope is about 0.05 nanometers (or 0.000,000,000,05 meters or half of 1 millionth of a millimeter). This means that the electron microscope has about 10,000 times the resolving power of the light instrument, and can therefore show far greater detail, for example of subcellular structure.Another difference of importance to biologists is that light microscopes (there are several kinds, such as bright field and phase contrast) enable the viewer to watch living cells. The electron microscope produces an image of the shadows cast by atoms of heavy metals used as stains; the living tissue is destroyed by the intense beam of electrons.

What is darkfield microscopy?

A Dark Field microscope is one that has a special condensor (light source) that illuminates the specimen in such a way as to enhance the contrast even if it is unstained. When you look at a specimen in a dark field scope, it looks bright, but it is visible against a black background -- the 'dark field.'

Is bright a common noun.?

Is it?

Is Bright-field microscopes are used for most microscopic work?

Bright field microscopes are most used for microscopic work.

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What general type of microscope uses bright illumination an multiple glass lenses?

samplesThe optical microscope

How is brightfield used?

Brightfield microscopic illumination is used mainly to examine stained specimens, ie blood samples, cellular details, etc. It can also be used to examine unstained specimens that are not transparent......... Zeiss Guy

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word illumination?

The illumination of the sign was so bright i could not see.The angel illuminated brightly.

What is the opposite of dark?

The opposite (colors or illumination) is light. In some cases, the opposite would be "bright."bright

Who invented the bright field microscope?

august kohler

What is illumination?

Illumination is an old term for letters, words, pages and books that are hand decorated in bright colors and with gold and fancy pen work. Illumination in the more modern sense is light. When a room is illuminated, light is present, whether it is natural or artificial.

The ordinary light microscope is called a bright-field microscope because?

the object appears light on a dark background

What can cause an image to appear blurred using a microscope?

The light so bright.

What part of the microscope are responsible for refraction?

I think the a mirror and the Lightning that need to be bright ok

What microscope shows cells against a bright background and also shows intracellular structures of unstained cells based on their varying densities?


What provides light so you can see materials on a glass slide of a microscope?

Two types of microscope use two types of illumination. The old reflect mirror type use a mirror beneath the slide to gather light from the room and concentrate it on the slide. You wiggle the mirror around while looking through the 'scope until you get the brightest field. The second type of microscope uses an integral light source located beneath the slide. These are expensive, because the light must be as pure as possible and evenly bright across the viewing field.

What are Applications of bright field and dark field microscopy?

microscope is used to see small objects