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Q: What genre use persent perfect tense?
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When to use have?

Present Perfect Tense: I have; You have; he, she, it has; we have, you have, they have Past Perfect Tense: I had; you had; he, she, it had; we had; you had; they had Future Perfect Tense: I shall have; you will have; he, she, it will have; we shall have; you will have; they will have Note: has is used in the third person, singular present perfect tense.

What perfect tense for have?

Present perfect and future perfect use "have"

Can you use time in past perfect tense?

Yes, the past perfect tense of time is had timed.

What is the past perfect tense of turn?

Had turned is the past perfect construction. Use had + past participle to create the past perfect tense.

What is the tense formed by the use of have or had and indicate completed action?

The perfect tense.

When writing a sentence should in past tense should you use the word had or have?

You should use the word had because if its past you would say i had this not I have this because it is not the past but the persent.

What tense do you use already with?

The present perfect tense is typically used with "already." For example, "I have already completed my homework."

Future perfect tense uses the verb to have in the future tense and?

It also use the auxiliary verb "will".The future perfect tense follows this structure:Subject + Will + Have + Past Participle.e.g. I will have danced.

Forgotten use it in a present perfect tense?

Have/has forgotten.

What is used with present tense determines if its present perfect past perfect or future perfect?

The auxiliary verb "have" is used with the present tense to form the present perfect tense. The auxiliary verb "had" is used with the present tense to form the past perfect tense. The auxiliary verb "will have" is used with the present tense to form the future perfect tense.

Which use have or had present tense or perfect tense?

Have can be present simple tense: I have a new car.Have is used in present perfect tense: I have bought a new car.Had is the past tense of have.Had can be used in past simple: I had breakfast early today.had is used in past perfect: I had seen the movie before.

What are the different forms of the present perfect tense?

There are two forms of the present perfect tense: simple present perfect (I have eaten) and progressive present perfect (I have been eating). Both forms use "have" or "has" with the past participle of the main verb to indicate an action that started in the past and has relevance to the present.