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The country of Australia is the only country that occupies the continent of Australia. It is considered to be within the geographical region of Oceania and the political region of Australasia. It is also considered to be in the Asia-Pacific region.

The region of Oceania occupies the South Pacific. Oceania includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

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Oceania. ~

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Q: What geographic region is Australia a part of?
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Is Czech Republic part of a geographic region?

NO! it is not. :P

Where does Australia trade?

Australia mainly trades with Asia, as it is a part of the Pacific Region.

What geographic region is Ohio in?

Ohio is in the "Great Plains" geographic region.

Australia and New Zealand are part of what region?

oceania / australasia

What is the top of western Australia called?

The northern part of Western Australia is known as the Kimberley region.

Which two continents lie in the region of Australia?

Perhaps you mean Australasia in which Australia and Asia are a part of.

Does Athens or Spartans have more geographic area?

Sparta has more geographic area than Athens. Athens is located in the region of Attica in central Greece, while Sparta is located in the region of Laconia in the southern part of the Peloponnese.

Why might one place be part of more than one region?

A place might be part of one geographic region and one or more cultural regions. For example, Egypt is part of the continent of Africa, the Arab world, and the eastern Mediterranean region.

What continent is Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island is not part of any geographic continent. It is, however, an external territory of Australia.

Is Oceania part of the seven continents?

No, Australia is still called Australia, as it has been since 1824. There are no plans to rename Australia as Oceania. Oceania is a region comprising the nations of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea, as well as many nations and islands, each politically and culturally separate from the others.

When did they change the continent of Australia to Oceania?

The term Oceania has historically been used to refer to the region encompassing Australia, surrounding islands, and parts of Southeast Asia. Australia has not been changed to Oceania; rather, Oceania is a broader geographic term that includes Australia as one of its regions.

What part of Australia is Woomera in?

Woomera lies in the outback and desert region of South Australia, north of the Eyre Peninsula.