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Alabama is a beautiful state to go and visit. You will be able to see a lot of historical landmarks while you are there.

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What geographic features are in Birmingham Alabama?

Hills rivers

What are some geographical features of Alabama?

mobile bay

Where is The University of Alabama at Birmingham located?

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is located in the state of Alabama.

What interstate do you take to get to Mobile Alabama from Birmingham Alabama?

Interstate 65 will take you from Mobile Alabama to Birmingham Alabama.

Why Michael Jackson never came to Birmingham Alabama?

Birmingham, Alabama would not pay him enough to perform, but he did pass through Birmingham, Alabama

What does geographical factors mean?

The phrase geographical features refers to the components of the Earth. There are two types of geographical features, natural geographical features and artificial geographical features.

How many mile between Birmingham Alabama and mobile Alabama?

There are about 258.5 miles between Birmingham, Alabama and Mobile, Alabama.

What is the halfway point between Birmingham Alabama and Montgomery Alabama?

Birmingham, Alabama is approximately 93 miles away from Montgomery, Alabama. The halfway point between Montgomery and Birmingham is Collins Chapel, Alabama.

What is it like in summer in Birmingham Alabama?

Birmingham,Alabama can be quite hot in the summer.

When was University of Alabama at Birmingham created?

University of Alabama at Birmingham was created in 1936.

Was Birmingham ever the capital of Alabama?

No, Birmingham has never been the capital of Alabama

When was Birmingham Alabama Temple created?

Birmingham Alabama Temple was created in 2000.

The geographical features of the US especially eastern coast?

Florida's geographical features Florida's geographical features

What are the geographical features in New York?

By geographical features

Is shopping a problem living in Birmingham Alabama?

No, shopping is not a problem when you live in Birmingham, Alabama.

How big is Birmingham Alabama?

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. Birmingham had a population of 212,237 per the 2010 U.S. census.

What does geographic features?

Geographical features are the components of the Earth. There are two types of geographical features, namely natural geographical features and artificial political features. Wikipedia

How long does it take to drive to Birmingham Alabama from Montgomery Alabama?

To drive from Montgomery, Alabama to Birmingham, Alabama, it will take 1 hour and 28 minutes.

When was Birmingham College - Alabama - created?

Birmingham College - Alabama - was created in 1898.

Is Birmingham Alabama east or west of the Mississippi river?

Birmingham, Alabama is east of the Mississippi River.

Is Birmingham international airport in Alabama?

Birmingham international airport is located in Alabama. This is the largest airport in Alabama and it serves the greater Birmingham area. It is located at 5900 Airport Highway.

How many miles between Panama City and Birmingham?

Birmingham UK or Birmingham Birmingham, Alabama

Are there subways to take from Birmingham Alabama to tuscaloosa Alabama?

There are no subways in Alabama.

Is Birmingham Alabama or Montgomery Alabama closes to Paris France?

Birmingham is closer by approx 80 miles

How far drive from Houston TX to Birmingham Alabama?

the drive from Houston TX to Birmingham Alabama is 350km