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A sinkhole is formed when the roof of a cave collapses.

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Q: What geological feture is formed when the roof of a cave collapes?
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How was fingals cave formed?

fingals cave is a cave formed by the same geological processes as those at the giants causeway on the other side of the Irish sea. after a volcano erupted 60 million years ago, hexagonal basalt columns formed as the cave cooled. the cave which has been formed by the sea eroding it away is easy to access. it was discovered in 1772 by sir Joseph banks and a visit to the cave by the composer Felix Mendelssohn inspired him to write his 'Hebrides overture''. popularly known as ''fingal's cave''.+++Not quite: the columns formed as the rock cooled. The cave did not exist until long after the island formed, and was then, as you say, cut by erosion. The volcanism was associated with the inception of the Atlantic Ocean.

How was titan cave formed?

how was the titan cave was formed

How was wind cave formed?

It's a karst cave (i.e. formed in limestone and, in this case too, gypsum, by dissolution) but seems to have a fascinatingly rather more complex geological history than many caves, so I suggest you use my answer here as a start but ferret out the details from elsehere on the Internet, etc.

What has the author Harold Sergius Cave written?

Harold Sergius Cave has written: 'Historical sketch of the Geological survey of Georgia' -- subject(s): Geological surveys, Bibliography, Geology

How was Harrison's cave formed?

Harrison's Cave was formed by rock

What are speleogens?

A Speleogen is a geological formation within a cave that has been created by the removal of bedrock, rather than as a secondary deposit. They are typically formed in limestone or dolostone solutional caves.

What was ape cave formed by?

Ape cave was formed by a water erosion.

What has the author H S Cave written?

H. S. Cave has written: 'Historical sketch of the Geological survey of Georgia' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Geological surveys, Bibliography, Geology

How big can a cave be?

Caves can become any size, depending on a range of geological and other factors specific to each cave and its location.

What is the definition of Dissolution per USP?

by the limestone in the cave formed by dissolution by the limestone in the cave formed by dissolution

Where in Hawaii will you find geological wonders such as wailing cave?

only a nerd would ask that...

How was the Bluespring Caverns formed?

Bluespring Caverns, located in Indiana, was formed through a combination of natural geological processes. The caverns were created by water dissolving the limestone bedrock over thousands of years, resulting in the formation of underground passageways and chambers. The constant flow of water continues to shape and modify the caverns to this day.