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What gift of the Holy Spirit did St Maria have?


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July 14, 2009 10:31PM

There are many saints with the name Maria:

These are the ones venerated by Catholics

St. Maria Goretti

-Gentleness (Was loved very much by her neighbors and the people in the village/town she went to for shopping for her parents)

-Chastity (She got murdered by a guy for not letting him rape her)

-Love (Was always kind)

-Joy (Always tried to be cheery, even when she was dying)


-Self control

St. Maria Crocifissa di Rosa





St. Maria Bernada Butler (Has a two dots on the "u" in butler)


-Chastity (She was a nun) (Couldn't find much about her on wikipedia.)

I hope I found the St. Maria you were looking for!