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Q: What global region has the greatest annual input and least seasonal variation in solar radiation?
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The greatest annual input and least seasonal variation in solar radiation occurs in what?

the tropics

What causes annual temperature variations for a planet?

The primary cause of annual temperature variation is axial tilt. Axial tilt results in seasonal day length variation. The longer the night, the more daytime heat is radiated back into space. A much smaller, secondary cause would be orbital eccentricity.

Is maize an annual biennial perinnial or seasonal crop?

It is an annual crop.

Is a desert annual or seasonal?

A desert is perpetual.

Is a pansy an annual?

The Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana) is an annual (or seasonal) plant

What is a continental climate?

The type of climate found in the interior of the major continents in the middle, or temperate, latitudes. The climate is characterized by a great seasonal variation in temperatures, four distinct seasons, and a relatively small annual precipitation.

How do you Calculate annual radiation dose?

There are various tools available that you can use to calculate your annual radiation dose. You need to provide the required values to get the dose.

Which plant dies as soon as its flower blossom?

most annual or seasonal plants

Where is annual temperature range greatest?

in the US it is Fairbanks, Alaska. Average January temp is -9.7 F. Average July temperature is 62.4 F. Greatest seasonal temperature range on earth is in Siberia, where it ranges from 70 to -70 F. This is due to its continentality- it's landlocked.

What vegetables or flowers can you grow from seed in 6 weeks?

an annual or seasonal plant

How is the annual rate of change for magnetic variation shown on a pilot chart?

not shown

Where is the greatest annual rain fall?