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They both wanted peace.


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Suggest: Statistics About The Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

Able bodied males (from both sides).

The total number of military casualties from both sides in the Vietnam War was 1.475 million.

That's how men were acquired to fight the war from both sides.

For North Vietnam to win the war; which they did.

The goal of (Communist) NORTH Vietnam was to conquer SOUTH Vietnam. The goal of the US/Allies was to preserve SOUTH Vietnam from that (Communist) conquest.

Yes on both sides. Ps Vietnam was not a war it was a police action where any thing and any one was fair game.

The results of the "US fighting in the Vietnam War", was that Communist North Vietnam achieved it's goal(s) of conquering the Republic of South Vietnam in 1975. And that the US did not achieve it's goal of preventing it.

The Democratic Repulic of Vietnam and the US-supported Repulic of Vietnam.

It is estimated that over 3 million people on both sides died during the Vietnam War. The country of Vietnam did not release their casualties to the public until 1995.

President Johnson's ultimate goal in Vietnam was to disengage without losing the war. This was back in history.

The goal was to win -- but why? Oh, yes, to stop the spread of communism. We lost, and now we import products from Vietnam. I would have let them import without the war.

To prevent South Vietnam from being taken over by communists.

To prevent Communist North Vietnam from conquering the REPUBLIC of SOUTH Vietnam. To preserve the free nation of South Vietnam.

There's plenty of Vietnam War films that show both perspectives. Although the conflict in Vietnam may not have been justified, depending on who you talk to, all sides of the war did what they believe is necessary. There no is such thing as a "good" or "bad" side in war.

The North Vietnam Army (NVA) and the United States.(with help from Australia and minimal help from South Vietnam)

To re-unite with the Republic of South Vietnam by conquest.

Two hot battles of the cold war. Which was also an opportunity for both sides (Free world and communist world) to test out their new weapons (jets for example).

Both were against communist aggression. The cold war was no shooting; Vietnam was shooting.

Both parts of Vietnam were battle sites of the war.

200 million in total 100 million in Americans and 100 million in vietcongs

It transformed the guerrilla war in South Vietnam into a conventional war in both South Vietnam and a war directly against North Vietnam.

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