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Q: Who took sides in the Vietnam war?
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Related questions

What was combat like for American combat soldiers in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was one of the worst in American history. Combat in the jungle was difficult, and it was hard to know who exactly was the enemy, since Vietnam had two different sides of the war as well.

Why did they have the Vietnam war?

Because they had the communist and the non- communist on the north and south sides and the communist (north vietnam) one so the goverment took over and so they took all of propety, money, and bussness!

How did the Vietnam war affect Johnson on poverty?

Vietnam took time and attention away from the war on poverty

Where did the Vietnam war took place?

in Vietnam.

When did the Vietnam war took place?

Vietnam war began in 1955 and ended in 1959

Which countries took part in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam and South Vietnam

What part of Vietnam did the Vietnam war take place in?

The ground & riverine war took place in S. Vietnam. The air war occurred in N. Vietnam.

How did the Vietnam War affect Johnson's War on Poverty?

Social legislation slowed down because of the cost of Vietnam. Vietnam cost so much that there was less money for the war on poverty.

Why did they call it the Vietnam War?

Because it took place in Vietnam

Were was the Vietnam war take place?

The battles of the Vietnam War took place mainly in Vietnam but there were protests in the United States.

How did the Vietnam war affect Lyndon B Johnson's war on poverty?

Vietnam took time and attention away from the war on poverty.

Where did the majority of the Vietnam war take place?

The air war took place over North Vietnam, the ground war occurred in South Vietnam.

What change in Vietnam after the war with US?

north Vietnam took over south Vietnam

How many casualties were the on both sides or Vietnam war?

Suggest: Statistics About The Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

What were the different sides in the Vietnam War and who supported who?

The Democratic Repulic of Vietnam and the US-supported Repulic of Vietnam.

When did the Veitnam War take place?

The Vietnam War took place from November 1955 to April 1975. It was a war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

What war took place in Forrest Gump?

The Vietnam War.

What war took place in the 1960's?

the vietnam war

What war took place in 1965-1975 in Cambodia?

Vietnam War

What did the agreement in1954 do to Vietnam?

at the end of the Vietnam war the USA. withdrew from the war and the norther Vietnamese named the Viet Cong took over Vietnam and made Vietnam a communist government

What were the sides to the Vietnam war?

The North Vietnam Army (NVA) and the United States.(with help from Australia and minimal help from South Vietnam)

Who took over Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam war was about the reunification of it under 1 government, the north Vietnamese won the war, resulting in the country becoming 1 under a communist regime.

Which event happened first World War 1 or the Vietnam War?

World War I (1914-1918) took place before the Vietnam War (1955-1975).

Where in Vietnam did the Vietnam war take place?

The war covered the entire country but most of the fighting took place south of the DMZ.

What countries took control of Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The US controlled the allied portion of the war; Hanoi controlled their side.