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he wasted all of his father's money. He never gained money.

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Who did King Henry VIII choose to succeed him?

King Edwardthe 1st succeeded King Henry VIII.

Who succeed Henry viii and what their religious stance?

Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII. Edward was a member of the Church of England - as are all Monarchs after Henry VIII.

How did Henry the viii succeed?

Came to throne when his father Henry VII died.

Whom did Henry VIII succeed?

Henry VIII succeeded his father Henry VII following the latter's death in April 1509. Hope this helps.

What was Henry VIII goals?

He wanted a male heir to the throne.

Did elizabeth 1 succeed Henry VIII?

Not exactly. His youngest son Edward came first then Mary then Elizabeth I.

Was Henry the VIII beheaded?

Henry VIII was not beheaded.

Why is Henry VIII called Henry VIII?

VIII is eight in Roman Numerals - he was the eighth king named Henry. It is a convention to write monarchs names in the form "Henry VIII" and this is pronounced "Henry the eighth."

Was Henry VIII a Tudor or a Stuart?

Henry VIII was a Tudor.

Did Henry viii do sports?

Henry viii the big spender

What are the other names of Henry VIII?

Henry VIII was generally known as Henry VIII. He was also known as King Hal.

What dynasty did Henry VIII belong to?

Henry VIII belongs to the Tudor Dynasty.

Why did Henry VIII become king instead of Prince Arthur?

King Henry VIII of England was the second son of King Henry VII, his elder brother, Prince Arthur was due to inherit the throne. Prince Arthur died aged 15 on 2nd April 1502, leaving Henry next in line to succeed.

What means viii in Henry VIII?

VIII mean the eighth in Roman numerals. Henry the Eighth

Why did King Henry VIII believe he needed a second wife?

All the children from his first wife were girl and he needed a boy to succeed him in the throne

What is the difference between Henry VII and Henry VIII?

Henry VIII was the son, and successor of Henry VII.

Did Henry VIII have any grandchildren?

Henry VIII Had no Grand children.

Why did Henry VIII hate Catholics?

because henry VIII was a idoid

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Henry VIII?

Henry VIII

Was Henry VIII the second to rule after Henry vii died?

Henry VIII was the first to rule after Henry VII.

When did Henry vii have Henry VIII?

Henry VIII of England was born on 28th June 1491

What was Henry the vIII 's dad's name?

Henry VIII dads name was Henry VII or Henry Tudor

What is Henry VIII skin colour?

Henry VIII was white, and he was born in Greenwich.

Did King Henry VIII have a brother?

Henry viii did have a brother and it was Arthur King.

Was Henry VIII real?

Yes, Henry VIII was real. (1491- 1547)