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Thomas Jefferson wanted Meriwether Lewis to find the Northwest passage--a waterway thought of to connect the Atlantic and the Pacific. To his disapointment, there was no such thing. Jefferson also wanted Lewis to explore the freshly bought land west of the Mississippi ( in fact, it was formerly owned by the French, not the Spanish) because Euro-Americans were yet to chart the Western Frontier. The land was occupied by the Native Americans, whom of which Jefferson wanted to establish a peaceful relationship with. William Clark was not chosen by Congress, nor Jefferson to lead the expedition. Instead, Lewis picked his old friend Clark to help him lead the "Corps of Discovery", as they're legally titled.

Topher Ratliff, January 28, 2013

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Q: What goals did president Jefferson assign Lewis and clark?
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President Jefferson needed Lewis and Clark to map the Louisiana Territory and to explore it.

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President Jefferson

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president Jefferson send Lewis and Clark on an expedition to the west because president Jefferson wanted to learn as much as he can he could about the land (Louisiana) he bought.

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Thomas Jefferson was president at the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. infact, he sent Lewis out to explore and Lewis chose Clark to come along. So, Thomas Jefferson had a huge influence on the expedition.

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thomas Jefferson

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thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson hired Lewis & Clark to explore the west.