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It was the egyptian goddess BASTET.

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Q: What goddess in ancient Egypt had a cat face?
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What was the name of the Egypt cat goddess?

The Egyptian cat goddess was called Bastet. She was a lioness goddess of the sun in Ancient Egyptian history but was later changed to a cat goddess.

What would happend if you hurt a cat in Egypt?

It depended where in Egypt you were, and perhaps when in ancient Egypt, as not all Egyptians worshiped Bast, the cat goddess.

What Egyptian God did the cat represent?

Bastet, the Cat Goddess. (the goddess who represented the healing power of the sun).in ancient Egypt Bastet was what represented the cat.

What was Bastet the ancient Egyptian goddest family like?

Bastet was a cat goddess. She had the face of a cat, too.

In Egyptian mythology how was the God Bastet depicted?

Bastet is the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, and has the face of a cat as well.

When was Bastet alive?

Bastet was an powerful ancient Egyptian cat goddess, so she would have lived in ancient Egypt times.

What proof is there that the goddess Bastet existed?

Why do you need proof (?) Bastet was the cat goddess of Ancient Egypt. They believed in her. What more do you need to know(?)

Which god did cats represent in ancient Egypt?

Either Bastet, the Cat Goddess. (the goddess who represented the healing power of the sun).or The guardians of the underworld

Who was the first goddess?

The first goddess in the human history was probably Bastet (the Cat God) in the Ancient Egypt, however the first goddess in a human shape was probably Ishtar, the goddess of love, war and fertility, in the ancient Mesopotamian culture.

Who is the goddess with the face of a cat?


Were cats treated like gods in ancient Egypt?

Yes they were because the Egyptians believed that they were messengers of the cat goddess Bastet.

Does any one have any info and sources on Ma'at Bes or Bastet?

Bastet was the feline/cat goddess of Ancient Egypt.

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