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The best Aflredo is the classic one, with no bells and whistles, eg., where the ingredients are: cream cheese, paremsan, margarine, and milk. You can, however, add parsley.

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Q: What goes with chicken alfredo?
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What wine goes with chicken alfredo?

According to Wine Answers the best pairing with Chicken Alfredo is Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.

Who made chicken alfredo?

the chief brontico See answer in "Is the name alfredo in chicken Alfredo supposed to be capitalized?"

Where can I purchase chicken alfredo recipes online?

Chicken alfredo recipes can be found online for free. Many sites offer recipes, like The Food Network, and my favourite,

Where does Chicken Alfredo originate?

Alfredo is an Italian Sauce best used on Fettuccine

How much is the chicken alfredo?


Where did chicken alfredo originate?


Where can a person find chicken alfredo recipes?

Chicken Alfredo is a popular dish and recipes for Chicken Alfredo can be found in a variety of places including, online and in cook books. Some good online resources include allrecipes and foodnetwork.

How chicken alfredo to feed 50 people?

The best way to portion chicken alfredo is a 1 cup portion per person. If 50 people are being fed then a person would need 50 cups of chicken alfredo.

How much chicken do you need for chicken Alfredo for 100 people?

The amount of chicken. You will need, in your chicken Alfredo, for 100 people is approximately 20 pounds. The amount can vary according to your personal tastes.

What cultures eat chicken alfredo?

Dishes using the term "Alfredo" are usually Italian .

Who does Melanie love?

Answer -BenChickenAlfredo

What continent does chicken alfredo come from?


How do you make chicken alfredo?

buy the noddels or whatever you are using and boil it the when its done buy alfredo sause and boil that then mix them to gether then buy the chicken

How can you describe chicken alfredo pasta?

Chicken alfredo is chicken breast and pasta tossed with a sauce made of butter and parmesan cheese. The cheese melts and thickens in the butter, making a rich sauce.

What nicknames does Alfredo Lomeli go by?

Alfredo Lomeli goes by Freddy.

What nicknames does Carlos Alfredo go by?

Carlos Alfredo goes by Carln.

What nicknames does Alfredo Barraza go by?

Alfredo Barraza goes by Al.

Is chicken alfredo good?

Yes. But be near a bathroom.

Do you fry or bake chicken for chicken alfredo?

You could do it both ways, but I recommend baked or poached chicken for a better taste.

What do you serve with chicken alfredo?

Broccoli always makes a nice side dish to serve with Chicken Alfredo. Other things that go well with it are salad and French bread or garlic toast.

Where did the recipe chicken alfredo originated from?

Fettuccine has been eaten in Italy for centuries, but the 'Alfredo' addition to the name originates from Alfredo Di Lelio, a chef who named the dish in 1914. Adding chicken to the recipe is primarily an American innovation that did not appear until later.

Is chicken Alfredo still good if left out over night?

Since the Alfredo contained chicken, it would not still be good if left out overnight. When in doubt, throw it out. It is not worth getting sick over.

What ingredient in Chicken Alfredo is a pain inducer for gallbladder disease?

The high fat content in alfredo sauce can trigger gallbladder pain.

How do you say chicken alfredo in spanish?

el pollo de alfredio.

When do chicken alfreda spoil?

what is chicken alfreda? Alfredo maybe? If stored in fridge eat within 2 days.