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What good is religion if it fails to benefit all mankind?


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The purpose of "religion" is to attempt to reach up to God. Religion does not try to benefit mankind.

The bottom line of all man's religions is to be good enough to appease God.

Basically they are "works" based. If I do the right thing, say the right things, think the right things, act the right way then God will have to accept me into His heaven.

The problem with works based religions is, how much is good enough to appease a totally Holy and totally Righteous God?

Sadly all religions fail to benefit mankind.

But God did make a way for us to be acceptable to Him, and that way is through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible says that God loved us so much the He gave His only Son, that whoever believed in Jesus would have everlasting life (John 3:16). Not works based but Faith based, faith in Jesus and His work for us on the cross. Accepting His work that was exactly what God wants. His righteousness in exchange for our sin. His perfect life for our imperfect lives.


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Sure, Muslims have a good religion calling for worshiping one and only one God. Islam calls for tolerance, forgiveness, cooperation for mankind benefit, mutual respect. refer to questions below for more information.

Your responsibility towards your religion is mainly to:Follow the religion instructions and rulesPractice good morals as all religions call for good moralsRespect other religions and their followers and cooperate with them for the benefit of your community and for the benefit of humanity

full submission to God as the one and only one God and following the Islam five pillars and faith articlesgood deeds for the benefit of all the community and mankind and environmentgood morals.No compulsion in religionRefer to questions below.

To call people to worship Allah (God in English) with no partner, no son, no father, no companion, and no associate and to do good deeds for the benefit of oneself, family, community, mankind, and nature.

The main thing in most of the religion is there is only one god and he created the mankind But all religion teaches be nice be good . All relegions says do good deeds you will get reward for it.

The main two practices of Islam are:perform ritual worshipsdo good deeds for the benefit of mankindhave good moralsRefer to related questions below for more information.

Muslims express their faith through following Quran, Muslims holy book, and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachings, doing good deeds for their benefit and mankind benefit, and having good morals. Refer to question below for more details.

They all share the same good morals, the non racism, the mutual respect, and the striving for the benefit of mankind and environment.

It can be good for mankind.

Muslim religion teach us to:Worship Allah (God in English and same God worshiped in Christianity and Judaism) as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, and no do the ritual worships as commanded by Allah and His prophet Muhammad (PBUH)to have good moralsto do good deeds for ones benefit and for the benefit of mankind and natureto believe in all God prophets, holy books, angels, and the second eternal lifeto be cooperative, peaceful, and honest.and many other teachings that you may refer to in the related questions below.

Yes, Muslims are strong if they:understand properly their religion per Quran and prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) teachingsdoing good deeds for the benefit of himself/herself, community, environment, and mankindgrasp the new technologies and to master these technologiesto be armed with tolerance, forgiveness, science, and sincere cooperation.

Islam religion calls its followers:To worship God (Allah) the one and only one God, with no partner, no ssociate, no son, no resemblanceTo do good deeds for the benefit of yourself, family, community, environment, and mankind.To follow good conducts and moralsTo follow Quran guides and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachingsTo observe God in your doings and hence to strive in your doings to satisfy GodTo follow Islam principles as give in the question listed below.

Let us first find the dictionary meaning of the word Religion which is "A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny" Now having done that we must next discover what the purpose of this supernatural power is. Two purposes come to mind that of Good and that of Evil. If one wishes to learn about Good then one has to find out about the Power that is good. All good come from God. If however we wish to turn to Evil then we turn towards the dark powers of Satan. Both good and evil can be to some degree classed as a religion. The Religion of good can only be to your benefit and the glory of God, whereas the the Religion of evil is only for the gratification of Satan, where the one builds you up the other will drag you down. Where God is all caring Satan is without care, he has no pity, no forgiveness and no mercy. Religion works on the very heart and soul of mankind, either for good or for evil. It is instilled into man from his very birth to know good from evil. The choice is left to the individual which way he will turn.

That's a good question. In my opinion, sometimes.

If I say YES hinduism is good religion do you have power to check whether hindu religion is good.?

For the good of mankind

Islam religion, per Quran revelation by God to peophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel, highlighted the major goals of human life under the following four ones:Allah (God in English) worshipDoing good deeds for the benefit of the community and peoplemaintaining good morals and conductreproduction and raising up children, per God will, for continuity of mankind generations.Examples from Quran on these four goals are numerous.

A good religion is a catholic religion. Catholics learn more about God.

We can only speculate. If there was a good reason to justify the expense, it could be done now. A unicorn is just a horse with a horn which could be grafted surgically if there were some benefit for mankind in doing so.

it depends... some may need one, as an ideal or a belief.... (religion may function as a Law too) some may not... because They think that it was a system and rule created by others to improve society... *in religion... crime and evil were banned right?* but, nowadays, many people misuse the power of Religion. for example... as a doctrine... or just a self-justification..... in my opinion, as long as you belief in yourself, and carry out good deeds and justice... There's no reason that we need religion... because, even an atheist can be kinder than those criminal with religion.... and, if you do good deeds in order to please GOD and enter heaven... I think it's very "business". why not doing good deeds not for GOD and religion? but to improve society and mankind instead? :D but, the most important thing is yourself.... Don't be affected by others or being doctrinized with other's belief... the choice is really up to yourself :D

They all can learn from scriptures two basic principles:To believe in God oneness and worship Him per his commands in the scriptures.To do good deeds for the benefit of community and mankind.-ELO-

if the engine fails a good pilot can 'auto rotate' using the dead rotor to lower the helicopter

No. Many work for the good of mankind

only religion teaches you about good and bad.---moral education. to know good or bad about a religion you must be outside it.

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