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Officially a Constitutional Monarchy.

But, However, i think its more of a republic.

We got a Queen, and a "Kabinet"

The people in The Netherlands vote Which Party They want to lead.

However, Unlike in America, In the Netherlands, Theres (As far as i know) No limit for how long someone can be Minister-President.

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What is the government in the Netherlands?

Constitutional Monarchy is the government of the Netherlands.

Who is the head of government in the Netherlands?

the head of government of the Netherlands is queen beatrix

What form of government does Netherlands have?

The Netherlands has a constituional monarchy.

Who is the govermant of Netherlands?

consitutional monarchy is the government in Netherlands Yes

Do the Netherlands Antilles have their own government?

They have a governor, but are under rule of the Netherlands

Which city is the seat of governmernt of Netherlands?

The government of the Netherlands is positioned in The Hague.

What type of government does Holland have?

The government in The Kingdom of the Netherlands is Constitutional Monarchy. Holland is not the name of the nation; Holland is a region of the Netherlands.

Type of government for Netherlands?


What is the type of government of the Netherlands?


What is Netherlands government?

parliamentary republic

Where is the seat of the government of the Netherlands?

The Hague

What factors encouraged a constitutional government in England and the Netherlands?

There were many failures in absolute government in both England and the Netherlands. This caused both countries to switch to a constitutional government.

What form of government is practiced in Amsterdam?

what form of government is practicsd in Netherlands

What type of government does the Netherlands have?

a poor country

What kind of government does the Netherlands have?

A constitutonal monarchy.

What type of government do the Netherlands have?

A constitutional monarchy.

What is the seat of government in the netherlands called?


What type of government did new netherlands have?


Who pays for health insurance in the Netherlands?

The government

What kind of political system does Netherlands have?

The Netherlands is under a Democratic government which is technically under a monarchical rule.

What kind of government is used in the Netherlands?

A Constitutional Monarchy.

Where in the world is the Hague?

The Hague is the seat of government in the Netherlands.

What government ruled Indonesia before colonization?


Is Netherlands government limited or unlimited?

maybe both

Where is the seat of Netherlands government?

The dutch government is seated in The Hague. The collection of buildings where the government is located is called the Binnenhof.

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