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Harding favored pro-business government policies.

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Q: What government policies did harren harding favor?
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What is the economic policies of both Harding's and Coolidge's administrations tended to favor?

large companies

Those who favor supply-side policies would tend to support the government playing?

Those who favor supply side policies are supporting that the government plays a reduced role in the economy. They are not supporting a government that has a role in the stock exchange.

Does Obama favor a smaller national government?

No. He favors more people dependent on goverment. Look at his policies.

Is to favor liberalism make you a liberal?

Typically, yes, but not necessarily. Liberalism has two meanings, either a commitment to progressive and more expansive government policies OR a commitment to limited government and laissez-faire economic policies. Someone who favor liberalism in the second sense is usually seen to be a conservative, not a liberal.

Why did America favor Harding as president?

because he wanted to.

What where Presidents Harding and Coolidge favored policies?

President Harding and Coolidge favored more conservative policies that aided the growth of business.

How did the Supreme court act during the Harding presidency?

in favor of workers' rights

What are capatalists in favor of?

Laissez faire policies.

What was the Harding presidency vs the supreme court acted?

in favor of big business. apex

Did Richard Nixon favor conservative policies?


Is the American bureaucracy involved with politics or policy?

For the most part, bureaucracies in the United States are involved with the functions of carrying out governmental policies. Due to the nature of legislatures and executives in all levels of government, bureaucracies tend to favor legislatures and executives who are in favor of maintaining and expanding the size of government bureaucracies.

Did federalists policies tended to favor banking and buisness?

its true