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watasiwa roku des

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Q: What grade are you in Japanese?
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How do you say grade 12 in Japanese?

Grade 12 in Japanese translates to 高校三年 (koukousannen).

How do you write what grade are you in Japanese?

'What grade are you in?' is何年生ですか (nannensei desu ka) in Japanese.

How do you ask someones grade level in Japanese?

You can ask someone's grade level in Japanese by saying "何年生ですか" (pronounced "nan-nen-sei desu ka"), which means "What grade are you in?"

What is JIS SUS304?

Japanese standard for stainless steel grade 304.

How old is haruhi?

Sine she is in (American) 10th grade (Japanese High School 1st grade), she would be...15 or 16.

How do you say I am in grade 7 in Japanese?

Watashi WA gakunen nana no gozen - I am in grade seven in Japanese.

What order do you learn kanji?

You can start from the Japanese 1st grade level, then to the 2nd grade level, and work yourself upward that way. Search Google for "Japanese 1st grade kanji" or something similar. If you learn some basic kanji characters, you will be able to read basic Japanese text, and from there, you can look up unfamiliar kanji in a Japanese dictionary like However, there is no "order" to learning kanji, and you can learn in whatever order you please.

What do you mean by STPG on pipes?

The pipe grade and material based on JIS (Japanese Standard).

How do you ask what grade a friend is in in Japanese?

To ask what grade a friend is in Japanese, you can say "友達の学年は何年生ですか?" (Tomodachi no gakunen wa nan-nensei desu ka?). This translates to "What grade is your friend in?"

How do you say third grade in Japanese?

小学三年 (shō-gaku san-nen)

what is japanese tea composed of?

80% of all green tea consumed by Japanese is sencha tea. It is a high grade of tea that is made by steaming the leaves to stop fermentation and changes in ...

What does shihan mean?

It is Japanese and means 'master instructor' usually used in the martial arts for a mid-grade instructor.