What grade is a freshman?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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A freshman is in ninth grade.

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Q: What grade is a freshman?
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What grade is a junior a sophomore a freshman and a senior in?

A freshman is 9th grade A sophomore is 10th grade A junior is 11th grade A senior is 12th grade or graduation year

What grade is freshman?

Freshman is the first year in high school or college

What comes after freshman and softmore?

After Freshman, the next class is named Sophomore(10th grade), and then Junior(11th grade), and finally Senior(12th grade).

What grades are in the Freshman year in American Schools?

Freshman year is 9th grade

What is the order of high school years?

The order of years in high school: Freshman (Grade 9) Sophomore (Grade 10) Junior (Grade 11) Senior (Grade 12)

What grade is Danny fenton in?

He's in the ninth grade, a freshman in highschool.

What is grade for ROTC?

You have to be a freshman in university. If you're referring to the Junior ROTC programme, you have to be a freshman in high school.

Is freshman ninth grade?

Yes, in the American education system, freshman typically refers to students in their first year of high school, which is usually equivalent to ninth grade.

What is awkward year?

7th grade + freshman year usually

If you were born September 28 1996 what grade do you supposed to be in?

9th grade rather known as a freshman in highschool

Are freshmans sixth graders?

No, usually high school freshman start as 9th graders. You can be a freshman in high school but that does have a number grade.

I know there are names for every year in high school junior senior sophomore and freshman. What name goes with what grade?

In high school 9th grade= Freshman, 10th grade= Sophomore, 11th grade= Junior and 12th grade= Senior The same progression of names is used for the first four years in college.