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you will need at least 1 gb ram more and graphic card nVidia 8800 GTS or better

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โˆ™ 2008-04-26 21:45:55
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Q: What graphics card should a dell dimension 4550 2.8 ghz 1 gb ram have in order for you to connect your PS2 to the computer ie atleast be able to read the words for the karoake games?
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The AGP Accelerated Graphics Port is where you would connect your to the computer system?

you would connect a graphics card to this port which i believe is what you're asking

Can you connect your PS3 to a computer monitor with a HDMI input?

yea it works and the graphics are amazing

How do you connect 2 Tvs to one computer?

You need a graphics card with two outputs.

Is the Dell Dimension 5100 wireless capable?

The Dell Dimension is a desktop computer and will need a [Dell Specific] wireless card or adapter to connect to the internet.

How do you locate graphics card in computer?

unscrew the side of your computer (Desktop) and you know where the VGA lead goes in to connect to the monitor? that is it

How do you connect the graphics card to your computer?

You simply plug your card into the PCIe slot on your motherboard. It should snap into place.

How do you get two monitors on one computer?

If your graphics card has the capability, you connect two monitors to a splitter adapter and adjust settings for your desktop.

What is the difference between a graphics adapter and an integrated graphics controller?

Graphics Adapter is were you connect your monitor to, and the graphics controller is the circuitry that controls the graphics adapter.

Can you connect your PS3 to your graphics card?

If you have a graphics card that supports HDMI you can of course connect the PS3 to that card. Will it work at all? most likely not. why not

How to setup two monitors with two separate graphics cards on one computer?

First, you have to have an SLI ready motherboard, got that, so far so good. Then you need 2 SLI ready graphics cards (use nvidia for graphics cards and motherboard for this), You got that, then connect the 2 graphics cards in the mother board, then connect them together using the bridge it comes with in every box for an SLI ready card. Then get your dual monitors and connect on to one graphics card then connect the other monitor to the other card. The bridge that connects the 2 graphics cards together makes the cards join together as if one big one. Hoping everything works out.

How do you watch a movie on TV screen which is playing from a computer?

You need to connect the computer to the TV via an S-Video or HDMI cable. What you have available to you will vary based upon your graphics card.

What is the meaning of computer configuration?

It is the settings on a computer. Through different settings different things are achieved (i.e., configurations to connect to certain wireless networks; firewall configuration to deny all unsolicited network requests; graphics settings that enable high-performance graphics, etc.)

What is the input of the computer system?

"Input Devices" are computer peripherals (devices that connect to the computer) which provide an input to the computer system itself.Here are some example input devices for a computer system:KeyboardMouseScannerWebcam / Digital CameraGraphics Tablet

How do I connect my graphics card to dual monitors?

The graphics card will be installed into your PC,so if 2 monitors are connected they will both have the graphics.

Can you connect your ps2 to your computer?

No you connect your PS2 to your TV not a computer

Why does my computer flicker?

If your computer screen flickers, it is most likely caused by a power cord glitch, a power outlet that doesn't have enough watts to support your computer and CPU, or you need a new graphics card, as the monitor's driver might not support the graphics card currently in your computer. Also, you may need a new monitor-CPU cord to connect your monitor to your CPU.

How can you connect to a computer hub?

To connect to a computer hub, you should connect a ethernet cable from your computer to the computer hub. Each computer should be plugged into one of the various ports on the computer hub.

What does the computer need to connect to internet?


How do you connect two computers without a switch?

Just connect computer to computer by crossing cable connect.

Do I really need motherboard?

Yes, the motherboard is where all of the parts of the computer connect. The processor directly plugs into your motherboard. The processor is what basically runs your computer. The motherboard also distributes power to the computer and normally supplies your graphics and sound cards. Without a motherboard a computer cannot run

Which PlayStation cannot connect with computer?

The PlayStation 1 cannot connect to the Internet/Computer.

How can you connect your phone to your computer?

A cord will usually come with your phone to help you connect it to your computer.

How do you connect Nokia c3 to computer?

i have one usb cable. i connect to phone and computer

What cable do you need to connect your Nintendo 3DS to your computer?

You cant connect them to your computer yet.

Can the Nintendo DSi connect to a computer?

If by "computer" you mean "internet," then yes. Otherwise, the DSi has no way to connect to an actual computer.