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The Phalanx/

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Q: What great tactical formation did the roman develop?
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How does roman fight?

Roman soldiers usually lined up for battle in a tight formation.

How did the roman representative develop?

You need to specify what you mean by Roman representative.

What advanages did the roman legion have over the phalanx?

The Roman legions originally used the phalanx formation. This was replaced by the manipular formation during the Samnite Wars against the Samnites of southern Italy. The Roman adopted the manipular formation of the Samnites because it was more flexible. The maniples were then replaced by the cohort formation. This remained more flexible than the phalanx.

When was Roman the Great born?

Roman the Great was born in 1160.

What was the roman army formation the pig's head used for?

In the pig's head formation the infantry was placed into a wedge-shaped formation and used to push into the enemy with a wall of shields.

How did the Roman imperial system develop?

They liked letters

Did the ancient roman culture develop the printing press?


The division of the Roman Empire lead to the formation of what empire?

The Byzantine Empire.

When did Roman the Great die?

Roman the Great died on 1205-10-14.

What was the skirmish formation?

It is a formation that was used in roman wars by Romans. It was by giving some solders forming a line in front to warn for enemies.

Is the great colosseum Greek or Roman?


How did the armor of the soldier develop from roman times?

alex demarte

What collapse caused feudalism to develop?

The fall of the Roman Empire.

Where did The Byzantine style of art develop?

eastern roman empire

Where did the byzantine style of art develop in?

The eastern Roman Empire.

How did gold trade help empiressuch as Ghana and Rome develop?

Gold trade did not help the Roman Empire to develop.

What important art forms did the ancient roman develop?

The Romans had sculpture, frescoes (murals) and mosaics. These art forms were adaptation form Greek art and many of the artists were Greeks. The great Roman innovations were in architecture. There was also pottery, silverware and jewellery.

What was the division of Rome and the formation of the Byzantine Empire?

The Roman Emperor Constantine I the Great divided the Roman Empire to the west Roman Empire and the east Roman Empire and moved his capital city from Rome to the ancient Greek city of Byzantium which was renamed as New Rome. After Constantine's death his successors renamed the city as Constantinople, a name that survived its conquest by the Ottomans, until 1923 AD.

How did Roman religion develop and change over time?

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What was Charlemagne's greatest accomplishment?

One possibility would be the formation of the Holy Roman Empire (which was unfortunately neither Holy, Roman, nor an Empire).

What is the roman numeral of Alexander the Great?

The roman numeral of Alexander the Great is Alexander III [356-323 BCE]

How did the mediterranean sea develop the civilization in rome?

The Mediterranean Sea did not develop the Roman civilisation. Seas do not develop civilisations. It was the other way round. The Roman civilisation was one of the civiliastions which developed in the Mediterranean (because Rome was and still is in the Mediterranean). Other Mediterranean civilisations were the Egyptians, the Phoenicians and the Greeks.

Can you give me a great introduction on roman?

You do not specify your question enough. Roman what?

When did Constantine the great rule?

Constantine the Great ruled the Roman Empire during the first phase of Christianity. This occurred in the Roman Empire from 306 to 337. Constantine the Great is responsible for bringing Christianity to the Roman Empire.

What is the punishment if someone does a formation incorrectly in the roman era?